Torino Social Impact is an alliance among public and private actors that in the framework of their activities carry out projects with a meaningful social impact, thus composing a cluster rich in skills, initiatives, opportunities and services.
The different partners also collaborate in a horizontal strategic planning aimed at: building common infrastructures and pilot projects to strengthen the ecosystem; creating a collective brand to promote the ecosystem and position it on the global map of social impact investments.
This section is a showcase of all projects, services, opportunities, events generated both by the partners individually and by the collaboration among them.


Training, mentoring, coworking spaces, networks of competence, support and guidance


Common infrastructures, impact finance pilots, collaborative projects, partner’s initiatives

Opportunities and financing

Calls and expressions of interest for acceleration programs, idea competitions, co-planning activities, projects, contributions and funding.


Seminars, workshops, presentations, meetings



Services Projects Opportunities and financing Events