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The Farmer Community Accelerator was launched in Lebanon in October 2021, and is part of GreenGrowth‘s Food & Sustainable Agriculture program. The goal is to strengthen the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of local producers by connecting local farmers with other communities (i.e. the consumers’ community, the organic and sustainable suppliers, the institutional stakeholders). The Farmer Community Accelerator is divided into three phases: Need Assessment and Field Visit; technical assistance and coaching; new opportunities and monitoring of results.

Unntil now 9 farms were visited and 15 are in pipeline in order to start the technical evaluation. At the same time, we started the “traveling market” initiative by promoting the farmer’s products in some of the bars and restaurants, part of the GreenGrowth Community in line with our sustainability strategy.

Through these weekly events, the local producers can sell their products to new customers, explore new market opportunities and at the same time, the customers can try the products through dishes tastings prepared with local products.