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European Positioning

European Positioning

Thanks to the intense activity of the ecosystem and the innovativeness of the territorial model, Torino Social Impact has gained a prominent position on the European scene, qualifying itself as a virtuous model right from the start.

  • The European Commission has assigned the City of Turin the task of leading one of the seven Social Innovation Competence Centres to be set up in Europe, the only one at national level, in the framework of the EU-EaSi programme for employment and social innovation.
  • In the course of its work on the EU Action Plan for the Social Economy, approved in December 2021, the EU Commission Expert Group on Social Economy and Social Enterprises repeatedly pointed to Turin Social Impact as a virtuous model.
  • In the Digital Road to Mannheim, the building path of the European Social Economy Summit, Torino Social Impact was extensively involved and was chosen to present its territorial model in the opening of the proceedings and was selected by the European Commission as one of the organizers of the last conference in April 2021 ‘Partnerships for maximizing social impact’.
  • Torino Social Impact joined the European Union’s European Cluster Platform in 2021, the EU hub dedicated to industrial clusters, which has included the social economy section, confirming the Commission’s vision of the Proximity and Social Economy among the Industrial Ecosystems for the Recovery Plan.
  • Following the approval of the EU Social Economy Action Plan and the subsequent Transition Pathway launched in December 2022, Torino Social Impact joined by submitting five pledges related to its activities.
  • As of 2021, Torino Social Impact joins REVES, the first European organization based on partnerships between local and regional authorities and territorial social economy actors, and collaborates with the main European networks dedicated to the topic such as Ensie, Diesis, Euclid

European Projects

European Projects

Opening up to the European dimension of social economy policies also goes through joining transnational calls and partnerships.

In 2023, the EU Project HUB for the Social Economy – 2023-2024 was launched. The initiative aims to multiply European opportunities and strengthen local competences through the involvement of the ecosystem in all phases of project development and management. It is not an information desk or a service provider, but a place for sharing the processes of participation in calls for proposals. Find out more.

Ongoing European projects:

RESPONDET involves five European countries and aims to develop local and regional policies to strengthen resource management by the social economy as a crucial element of processes to achieve a socially sustainable green transition. Main topics covered: circular economy and energy communities. Discover more

SocialTech4EU: support for European social economy ecosystems through calls providing capacity building and acceleration for social enterprises totalling EUR 1.4 million. Torino Social Impact led the partnership formation process and is the leader together with Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini of the network of European clusters from five countries involved. Discover more

Buy Social: Buy Social picks up the legacy of the Social Procurement project, which aimed to promote innovative forms of procurement, in the public and private system, in order to support the growth of social impact enterprises and activities, taking it to a European level: in each partner country, a social economy federation or support structure will carry out awareness-raising activities and dissemination of good practices from all EU countries identified in the project. Discover more

International Networking

International Networking

The promotion of the collective brand is also based on intensive networking and international special projects.

SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE: Torino Social Impact is on the selection committee alongside Anya Capital, Be-Come, Human Foundation, Katapult, The ConduitConnect and Toniic.

GSG Impact Narrative Awards: conceived in 2021 by Torino Social Impact and realized with GSG and Social Impact Agenda for Italy is an operation dedicated to identifying the best examples of impact investing stories used to raise awareness and convince financial institutions and governments to focus on impact.

Caritas Europa
European Clusters Alliance
Grameen Lab
GSG For Impact Investment
Leading Cities
New Growth Innovation Network
Yunus Center

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Last July the Coca-Cola Company has launched a new $137.7m sustainability fund managed by venture capital firm Greycroft Partners, with eight bottling companies tagging alongside.

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15 September 2023

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15 September 2023

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13 September 2023