What We Do –

Torino Social Impact accelerates, strengthens and promotes projects, activities and events of local actors who act to find solutions to the social needs of their territory and collectively form a cluster with a high content of skills, initiatives, opportunities and services.

TSI also facilitates working groups on shared issues and challenges. Partners collaborate on the Master Plan 2022-2024 to:
- make the Pillars of Impact available to the ecosystem;
- develop cross-cutting activities;
- contribute to the establishment of a collective brand;

This section is a showcase of all Torino Social Impact projects together with the services, opportunities and events generated by the partners.
Per conoscere gli avanzamenti dei progetti del Master Plan consulta i progress report.

torosaino social impact - what we do

Ecosystem in action

Social enterprises, accelerators and incubators, public bodies, bank foundations and financial institutions, charities, start-ups, universities, spaces and networks, associations and companies make up an ecosystem that is increasingly attractive and innovative in the field of social innovation and impact economy

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