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Torino Social Impact accelerates, upgrades and disseminates the projects, services, opportunities and events of all local players who act to find solutions to the social needs of the territory.

torosaino social impact - what we do


Social enterprises, accelerators and incubators, public bodies, bank foundations and financial institutions, charities, start-ups, universities, spaces and networks, associations and companies make up an ecosystem that is increasingly attractive and innovative in the field of social innovation and impact economy

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Tech for welfare

Esplorare le potenzialità delle tecnologie emergenti come risposta ai problemi sociali

by Francesco Antonioli

Focus on Torino

Approfondimenti su progetti e protagonisti dell’ecosistema

by Francesco Antonioli

torino social impact - what we do

Today, the franchising mechanism (as McDonald’s) is growing exponentially and it is a key element to business scaling strategies. Franchising is essentially a collaboration activity between entrepreneurs of production and distribution of services/goods and can be useful for those who want to start a business with less risk of joining an already “registered” trademark. What could happen if the franchising mechanism were applied to scale the social impact of the actors interested in generating value?

Policy & Practice

The international debate and best practices from around the world

by Torino Social Impact

Report from the European Commission on Socially responsible public procurement (SRPP) in 27 countries

22 March 2021

New European Bauhaus, co-design platform for sustainable economy

16 March 2021

B20 at the start, in the sign of the impact revolution

18 February 2021

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