Patchanka is a “Type B Social Cooperative”, a particular category of non-profit enterprise aiming to integrate “disadvantaged persons”. Our mission is to create social integration of disadvantaged target groups in different working activities as in the community in a broad sense. Out of 40 workers, we employ at least 30% people who face specific obstacles such as physical or psychological handicap, addiction, previous detention, forced migration, economic poverty, ethnic minorities. We are located in Turin, one of the main cities of north-west Italy.

We are born from a youth association made by young entrepreneurs that decided to build their own professional future. Today, with our daily work in the active labor policies, we want to give our contribution to the creation of a more inclusive and humane work culture, for everyone.

In this frame, we operate as a social enterprise in several fields such as Cleaning Services and Logistics, Fashion, Formal and non formal education, Employment Services, Community building and Youth Activism.


In order to multiply our ability in pursuing our mission of creating inclusivity and inclusion in the Labour system, we have launched in 2016 a new Social Labor Agency, “Casa del Lavoro” that operates on behalf of Regional and National Labor Institutions. 

We provide non-formal training to improve and acquire new skills. These programs are designed and customized for a wide range of beneficiaries. Our specialty in our local context is to include artistic workshops and use the power  of arts and theater to build personal and professional empowerment. 

For several years we have included a theater pedagogue in our team: her presence makes it possible to use social art in daily actions and training. We are also testing the power of art pedagogy on ourselves by conducting internal training and to experience ourselves the effectiveness of our methodologies. The artistic activities are always paired with professional guidance projectation with professionals, parts of our team.

Furthermore, we focus on matching enterprises and people, along work projects that can create mutual empowerment. The aim is to support and empower unemployed people to prevent isolation and social exclusion, and to create chances by work. We also support enterprises in the whole hiring phases: competence assessment, definition of job profiles, validation of competences, career development plans, tutoring, training, recruitment, outplacement, internships.

We  are actively involved in supporting a wide range of target groups who are currently facing or at risk of social and labor exclusion. Our primary focus and mission is on helping unemployed young and adult people in our region and province. Many of our beneficiaries encounter various obstacles when it comes to finding job opportunities, such as mental health issues, language barriers, Neets, cultural differences, gender-related challenges, drug addiction paths, disabilities, different sexual orientations, people detained.

Other Activities of our Social Enterprise

Under the brand of CREA we offer cleaning and logistic services targeting offices, housing communities, shops, enterprises. We can also take care on behalf of our partner of the employment duty of disadvantaged people as required by the Italian National Law n. 381/99. 

Through GELSO Social tailoring, for 30 years, we aim to empower fragile people through the transmission of professional sartorial skills. We have two ateliers in the city of Turin, one of those is located in the female prison of our City, in which we employ few ladies in detention that are struggling to create a financial stability as well as a professional path before being released. We create a wide range of garments and collections for brands. All our work focuses on high quality artisanal production, selection of materials and low environmental impact within the fashion industry.

Community Building

We are members of one of the 8 neighborhood houses of the metropolitan city of Turin, Piuspazioquattro. In this context we are able to develop the cultural axis of “Work”, through territorial initiatives, network activities, regeneration actions and active involvement of the people  living in that neighborhood. We have built systemic relationships with the social desks to build together concrete territorial development for the most fragile categories of beneficiaries.

Youth Activism

For more than 10 years we have been managing a youth center on the Turin hill where we carry out territorial educational actions aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, prevention of substance abuse, artistic and musical activities that activate young people and encourage their activism and resourcefulness, by facilitating their personal and professional development.

We also act as a liaison with local services in the event of mental and social disorders reported by young people through our professional youth workers team.