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Bench-Mark | Dialogues from the bench is the first column in which the actors of the impact economy of the Turin ecosystem talk about themselves and share the values that have driven them to join the network of partners of Torino Social Impact. Everything happens in front of a camera, sitting on a bench in a part of the city that is significant for them.

The introductions and interviews are edited by  Francesco Antonioli.


  1. Atelier Riforma
  2. Reale Mutua
  3. Mamazen
  4. VolTo – Volontariato Torino
  5. PerMicro
  6. LINKS Foundation
  7. Giardino Forbito
  8. Codex
  9. Arci Torino
  10. LITA.co
  11. Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli
  12. OrtiAlti
  13. Izmade
  14. iThanks