An alliance among companies, public and private institutions aimed at making Turin one of the best places in the world to do business and finance pursuing goals of economic viability along with objectives of social impact. A cluster of skills, activities, services to strengthen and promote the local ecosystem in the framework of Agenda 2030.

An open Ecosystem


Turin and the impact economy

Turin is the ideal ecosystem to undertake the paradigm shift toward a social impact economy and make it a determining factor for local development policies: a solid set of scientific and technological skills, an industrial system strongly characterized by know-how and deeply rooted in society, a Third Sector that combines a consolidated social, civil and religious vocation with significant entrepreneurial skills, a deep-rooted international openness, a new generation of social incubators and accelerators, an innovative public administration and wealthy financial institutions already impact oriented.

Turin is a mature and dynamic ecosystem with a scale suitable for experimentation and a strong tradition of co-planning at the territorial level.


Torino Social Impact

Torino Social Impact is an open platform already gathering over seventy companies, institutions, financial operators, charities, foundation and third sector enterprises. They joined the project by subscribing a MoU aimed at sharing ideas, experiences, projects and resources in order to catalyze and attract investments and activities which aspire to solve emerging social problems through economically sustainable business models.


Mission and principles

The mission of Torino Social Impact is to strengthen the local system and qualify it as one of the best places in the world to do business and finance by pursuing economic goals along with social impact objectives, in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Torino Social Impact believes that impact must be based on three principles:

  • Intentionality – To act with the aim of generating social value
  • Additionality – Operate in sub-capitalized sectors which are excluded by market mechanisms
  • Measurability – Apply ex ante evaluation methods and ex post measurement tools


Ecosystem building: let companies find the best conditions to do business with a social impact through services, skills, impact finance tools, innovative projects.

Identity promotion : enhance visibility and attract investments through a collective c brand aimed at positioning the territory on the global map of social impact.

What We Do



The signatories of the MoU are part of the co-planning Assembly of Torino Social Impact, whose operating structure is financed by the Turin Chamber of Commerce within the activities of the Committee for social enterpreunership and by the Compagnia di San Paolo. Specific thematic projects receive contributions from the other partners.

Torino Social Impact is not a legal entity and is led by a Spokesperson.

Mario Calderini

Elisa Rosso – projects coordination
Raffaella Scalisi – international activities, communication

Operational team:
Simona De Giorgio – Senior Project Manager
Elisa Copertino – Junior Project Manager
Grace De Girolamo – Communication


November 2017

Memorandum of Understanding

February / March 2018

TSI’s Strategic Plan definition

June 2018

Governance Setting

January 2019

Action Plan approval

February 2019

Agreement for Resources Provision

March 2019

Start Of Operations

October 2019

Plenary Meeting: Report and Discussion of Achievements and Future Goals