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The course on Social Impact Evaluation is carried out by the Management Department of the University of Turin and is conceived to enhance knowledge and skills on the field of impact assessment.

Through a hybrid and highly innovative didactic approach, the course merges theoretical and practical approaches to the identification of Impact Management strategies and their measurement. A final business case completes the sharing of learning among the participants.
The course includes a total of 125 hours of classroom lessons, practical-laboratory lessons and a project work.

The University course, coordinated by Prof. Paolo Biancone, is carried out by the Management Department of the University of Turin with the Polytechnic of Turin (members of the Committee for Social Entrepreneurship), the Fondazione Piccatti Milanese, the Fondazione Cottino, the training bodies of the Centrali Cooperative (Consorzio Il Nodo per Confcooperative Piemonte Nord e Inforcoop Epica Piemonte for Legacoop Piemonte), the Compagnia di San Paolo.

The course covers the following macro-areas:

  • Introduction to evaluation
  • The evaluation process
  • Planning and definition of the framework
  • Impact of Management Strategies
  • Measuring impacts
  • Return and integration of results

Access modes

  • Bachelor or Master of Science degree.
  • Participants may be admitted to the course even if they do not have a degree but have work experience in the field.

The first edition of the course is scheduled in the first semester of 2020.

All information and updates about the Course are available on the Management Department website.

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