The traditional missions of the University of Torino, focusing on teaching and research, have been extended to the so-called Third Mission, which has become a significant policy concern in recent years. The Third Mission has assumed an increasingly crucial and strategic role in dealing with the territory and society.

Third Mission in universities seeks to generate knowledge outside academic environments to the benefit of the social, cultural and economic development.

Departments carry out Third Mission activities and projects to strengthen dialogue and interaction among University, industry and society.

Specifically, the Department of Management actively develops the following social impact activities:

  1. Promotion and organization of Advanced Training Course for the dissemination of knowledge about social impact assessment practices and also the organization of conferences and seminars for the dissemination of good social impact reporting practices
  2. Agreements with local Organizations for impact assessment of significant events, the attraction of social impact finance investors and development of impact finance culture
  3. Research and scientific dissemination, trough the new European Journal of Social Impact and Circular Economy, published by the University of Turin. The Journal aims to publish high-quality scientific contributions on topics such as social impact, sustainability, social accountability, social accounting, circular economy and on the effects in the organizational, governance, strategies and operations fields.