The social enterprise has a well defined features: private, non-making profit, it carries out an economic activity of social utility, with purposes of general interest.  It is not a new legal form, but a qualification attributed to already existing organizations.

The Chamber of Commerce support the social enterprise in its lifelong period: from the idea to the project, till the startup of the activity, providing information on the requirements, costs and financing to support it. Ask for an appointment to new enterprise department.

When the business project takes shape, the life of the company includes some essential requirement as registration, filing of the social balance sheet and all the other economic and financial sheets.

The world of social economy is large, little known and often fluid: here some studies, made by the Turin Chamber of Commerce, which seek to better define the sector.

To deepen the knowledge of the Third Sector and promote its growth, we have created the Social Entrepreneurship Committee. Find out what the Committee does, how it operates and who is part of it.