The Turin Chamber of Commerce devotes special attention to the topic of social entrepreneurship: it encourages and strengthens the development of new forms of interaction between the profit and non-profit worlds, studies the world of social enterprise, supports social innovation projects and spreads knowledge of its various forms.

The entrepreneurial world that operates with social impact is increasingly diverse, moving towards hybrid profit-non-profit forms that are becoming more and more established. It includes the productive Third Sector (Social Enterprises and Social Cooperatives) and legally defined Hybrids (SIAVS, Benefit Societies, B Corp).
Social impact organisational forms also include the non-entrepreneurial Third Sector (Social Promotion Associations and Voluntary Organisations).

From the contamination between social impact enterprise, technology and science comes the opportunity to enable inclusive industrial and technological policies capable of redistributing value and opportunities more equitably. Hybrid entrepreneurial forms, capable of responding to social needs and being economically sustainable at the same time, represent the potential protagonists of this evolution.

The Turin Chamber of Commerce, through the Social Entrepreneurship Committee, has long believed that these enterprises represent an inclusive development and innovation policy option to be encouraged and supported. This is why the Committee is a promoter in 2017, together with the City of Turin and Compagnia di Sanpaolo, of the Torino Social Impact project platform.

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