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The Social Entrepreneurship Committee is a Governing Body of the Turin Chamber of Commerce, established in April 2016, aimed at getting to know the structure and dynamics of the Third Sector in an organic way. It is established at the registered office of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, located in Via Carlo Alberto, 16.

The Committee submits to the Chamber of commerce a strategic plan with the aim of proposing initiatives within the programming of chamber activities, which concern the development and qualification of the world of the Third Sector.

Through the initiatives promoted in favour of the non-profit sector, the Committee intends to improve and strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizations themselves and in particular:

  • increase the qualification of entrepreneurship of the components of the civil economy in a perspective of progressive professionalization, also through the promotion of specific entrepreneurial and professional training activities;
  • encourage the adoption of new alternative finance instruments, through the analysis of existing or desirable financial initiatives and services at the service of the Third Sector, necessary to address the difficulties of access to credit;
  • identify suitable paths to activate a system of synergic collaborations with public and private entities that in the territory carry out activities of promotion and support of the components of the civil economy.

The members of the Committee are appointed by the Board of the Chamber of Commerce, as representatives of non-profit organizations, universities and trade unions involved in the world of civil economy and social entrepreneurship.

Mario Calderini, President
Federico Michele Bellono, representative of the Chambers of Commerce Council for workers’ unions
Gianni Gallo, Confcooperative Piemonte
Paolo Petrucci, Lega Coop
Paolo Biancone, University of Turin
Giuseppe Scellato, Polytechnic of Turin
Silvio Magliano, Vol.To Volunteer Service Center

The Committee is the promoter of the Torino Social Impact project platform.