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The ASIS initiative project (INTERREG – Alpine Space program) aims to boost the role of local governments for the development of social innovation in order to answer to the social and economic challenges as a first step towards a shared strategy of economic development.

Main goals of the project are:

  • To improve cooperation between innovation key stakeholders, to provide better responses to societal challenges and new knowledge and skills for public authorities.
  • To provide public authorities, business support organisations and sector agencies with common criteria/concepts on Social Innovation between the regions of the Alpine Space in order to create a common vision and to start the first step towards the development of a shared strategy for economic development;
  • To support this change, the project will propose new tools and methodologies, new strategic policies and recommendations to public actors through a white book.

Local partners are City of Torino and Chamber of Commerce of Torino with european partner: Chaire d’Entrepreneuriat en Économie Sociale et Solidaire de l’Université Lyon 2 (FR), Département de l’Isère (FR), Oxalis scop CAE (FR), Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (AU), Steinbeis 2i GmbH (DE), Development Agency Kozjansko (SI), Center Noordung (SI), Amadeus Association (A)

During the project the City of Torino and the Chamber of Commerce after having identified the common challenges of the territory and having organized on November 7th 2019 the workshop “New axes of cooperation and development on Social Innovation for Alpine Space regions”, together with the Asis partnership have produced “Alpine Space Strategy Framework on Social Innovation” , a joint document on the perspectives and strategies of action towards the development of policies oriented towards Social Innovation in the Alpine Space.

It will be organized in Turin:

  1. In 2020 after the testing phase, online training meetings (on the Asis platform) on SI: success factors, sustainability and risk analysis of actions and projects.
  2. In 2021 two Social Innovation Schools addressed to public administration officials

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