The Cottino Social Impact Campus, established in 2018 on the initiative of the Giovanni and Annamaria Cottino Foundation, aims to build a new reference model in the education and executive education sector, in a vertical, experiential and transformative way in the context of Impact Economy & Culture.

Cottino Social Impact Campus is an initiative entirely dedicated to the creation, dissemination and promotion of Impact Culture through transformative education. A unique adventure of its kind in Italy and among the most interesting in Europe.

We want to attract talents and new players from the world of culture, society and entrepreneurship ready to get involved and motivated by the desire to create a new culture of work, business and organizations starting from sustainability and innovation social, to face the many and difficult challenges that the future poses.

Cottino Social Impact Campus is based in Turin, in recent years a city that is also a reference point for the spread of Impact culture.

The headquarters of Cottino Social Impact Campus is currently located in the heart of the “Cittadella Politecnica”, the main headquarters of the Polytechnic of Turin. The new Cottino Impact Learning Center, which will be the natural evolution of the current Campus, will represent, in a few years, a brilliant example of intersectoral alliance between the academy, the enterprise and the social.

The Campus was born thanks to the strategic alliance of numerous partners: in addition to the Polytechnic of Turin, ESCP EUROPE, EVPA, Socialfare, Torino Social Impact and the Torinese Opera of Murialdo also joined the challenge launched by the Cottino Foundation.