Born in Turin in 2002 by the will of the engineer Giovanni Cottino, industrial entrepreneur born in 1927 and current President, he has the task of giving continuity to his values by transmitting to young generations the passion for business culture, generating knowledge and culture of impact and supporting the most fragile social categories also through new models inspired by the Venture Philanthropy.

The initiatives take the form of philanthropic actions aimed at three areas of intervention: supporting and encouraging the path from Idea to Impresa, with particular attention to innovation in the biomedical field; support charity initiatives in the area, directly carrying out works or supporting existing organizations.

Since 2018, the Foundation has focused activities and resources in the Education area through the Cottino Impact Campus project, an initiative that well interprets the soul of the Foundation and aims to promote culture of impact by attracting practitioners, academics and innovators at national and international level eager to redesign, through innovative methodologies based on challenge and evidence-based approaches, a new more just and sustainable vision of the world.