As part of the European RESPONDET (Regional Social Economy Policies for sustainable community-Driven Environmental Transition) project, the City of Turin and the Turin Chamber of Commerce, as part of the Turin Social Impact activities, organized a workshop yesterday at Open Incet spaces entitled “Reflections on the Circular Economy.”

The project aims to promote local and regional development in order to strengthen the social economy, making common management of resources the main element of social sustainability in the Green transition process, with a focus on the issues of circular economy and energy transition.

The goal of the workshop, attended by 11 organizations from the TSI ecosystem, was to gather experiences, suggestions and needs on the topic of circular economy from the local area in order to identify common intentions and strengthen the dialogue with local government.

The reflections that have emerged regarding the project will feed into the development of an Action Plan of the City of Turin, which will be submitted next June to the European Commission along with that of other regions.

The meeting was opened by greetings from Councillor for Ecological and Digital Transition Chiara Foglietta, who stressed the importance of collaboration with local stakeholders to fortify the city’s circular economy practices.

The meeting, led by Circular Market SB, was also an opportunity to reinforce the collective dimension of the Torino Social Impact ecosystem; in fact, during the morning, a new ecosystem project on strengthening communities of practice, implemented with the contribution of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, was presented. The partners were involved in a working group on the circular economy theme that, modeled after TSI’s table of benefit companies, will discuss common issues and challenges, pooling skills and experiences in a peer-to-peer learning logic to generate shared value.

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