09/07 – “Portineria di Comunità” opening in Porta Palazzo

In the heart of Porta Palazzo, in the disused space of a historic newsstand, Thursday, July 9 will inaugurate “Lo spaccio di cultura – Portineria di Comunità” after a first virtual christening during the Covid emergency. From 11.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. a series of meetings will take place in the space, ending with a convivial moment and an artistic flash mob.

“Portineria di Comunità” proposes itself as a physical and relational place where we can begin to rebuild a community of proximity, where we can trust one another, give and receive help, exchange information, suggestions and ideas. A place where to find help for small daily tasks and where to rebuild relationships based on solidarity and trust. A point of reference for the community that will make it possible to meet and exchange skills and needs, a place of trust and an exercise in human microeconomics.

The project – conceived by Rete Italiana di Cultura Popolare in partnership with Ufficio Pastorale Migranti e Nessuno è straniero – is part of the 15 projects of social innovation supported by the City of Torino (Torino Social Factory project) co-financed by Pon Metro Programma Operativo Città Metropolitane 2014-2020.

The space in Piazza della Repubblica (corner of Via Milano) will be open from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Contacts: info@spacciocultura.itwww.spacciocultura.it – T 3478788271

From July 13 to July 24 – Hackability Summer Camp in Turin

13 – 24 July 2020, Impact HUB Torino (Piazza Teresa Noce 17 D) hosts the Hackability Summer Camp 2020, ten meetings dedicated to co-design for creating 3D printable solutions that can make the Barriera di Milano area more accessible for people with disabilities.

Hackability Summer Camp is realized with the support of Confcooperative Piemonte, Coop-up Torino and with the collaboration of Impact Hub Torino, Open Incet, Via Baltea 3, Circolo Arci Antonio Banfo – Laboratory of Culture, Social point Il Passo, The “Public Baths” of Via Agliè, EXAR Social Value Solutions, Turin Scout Group 9.

To apply, go on www.hackability.it/hsc2020. Otherwise, write to the Facebook page or call the 011197853.

July 2 2020 – Data: common goods to rebuild communities

An open reflection on the value of data is the theme of the sixth appointment of “L’Officina dei Beni Comuni”, an event organized by Labsus within the project “Patti per l’amministrazione condivisa nell’area metropolitana di Torino” with the support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo.

The theme of this Common Goods Workshop seems complex but is urgent and concrete. Now more than ever, data is needed to map new inequalities that the pandemic has added to those present, from work, the economy, family poverty, health and social transformation. This information is essential to plan effective and comprehensive social and health policies aimed at a fairer and freer society. Until, however, citizens are aware and involved in this path in a transversal and massive way, however, the reaction of most people risks slipping into conspiracy on the one hand, and into unconscious public interventions on the other.

Even if they promise us that subscribing to the platforms will be free forever, have we finally understood that our data have a value on which the business model of digital giants is based in the sale of perfectly self-processed advertising space or in the transfer of the information we produce to the market? This lack of awareness on the part of us citizens, every day, every day, moves us to reflect on other models of data governance as common goods, as a new frontier of what could be understood as a historical class action.

What post-pandemic world? The philosopher Michel Onfray answers: “The same but worse. It will change work, teaching, travel, intersubjective relations, the balance between city and country: telework, the replacement of “presence” with “distance” will increase the powers of the society of control, which has taken over the witness of the old totalitarian society. The virtual will supplant the real whenever possible, and to govern over the virtual will be the Big Brother. After all, it couldn’t be otherwise since he invented it”.

Defuse this dynamic? Our attempt – says Labsus – is to talk about it as much as possible, without the presumption of being exhaustive or resolutive, but resilient and resilient, and to seek alliances: with some administrators, activists, expert organizations.

It will be discussed on Thursday, July 2 from 17:30 to 19:00 (direct facebook on Labsus Beni Comuni page) together with:

Elena Piastra – Sindaca, City of Settimo Torinese
Giorgio Sestili – Coronavirus – Scientific Data and Analysis Facebook Page
Sara Vegni – ActionAid Italy with covid19italia.help
Sergio Duretti – Lepida ScpA – Digital Welfare – Emilia-Romagna Region
Moderator Caterina Bonora, Labsus – Workshop for subsidiarity

For information: piemonte@labsus.net
Facebook Group: Labsus Piemonte

Atlante del Cibo 2020. Back to the future: rethinking the food system after lockdown

In these months of emergency the food system has been both object and subject of change. It has certainly undergone the measures to contain the COVID 19 pandemic; however, it is perhaps one of the areas that has been able to reorganize itself most quickly in response to the crisis. It has done so in different, sometimes opposite ways, from above and below. In this framework, the emergency that we have experienced, and that we are still experiencing, has forced the food system to change abruptly, because of old and new critical issues and opportunities.

In this meetings, which takes the place of the traditional presentation of the annual report of the “Atlante del Cibo”, we are confronted with some actors in the area to try to rethink the food system, in light of the emergency that has highlighted its fragility, but also its resistance and resilience. The objective will be to understand, together, how to deal with crises that will last over time and, at the same time, to enhance innovations, new relationships and temporary and structural reactions.

The meetings will be held on the WEBEX platform from 30 June to 2 July (link with access to the 4 events) and will be live on Facebook page “Atlante del Cibo di Torino Metropolitana”

The project is promoted by Università degli Studi di Torino, Politecnico di Torino, Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche, in collaboration with Camera di Commercio di Torino. Webinars are organised in collaboration with Città di Torino, Città Metropolitana di Torino, Ires Piemonte e Urban Lab.

COVID-19: the survey on the Third Sector needs has ended

On Monday, June 15 2020, the quantitative survey on the state of health of Third Sector organizations in the territory and the emerging needs of this sector was concluded.

Thanks to the partnership with Italianonprofit, the survey was carried out by Torino Social Impact to map in real-time the consequences of Coronavirus on non-profit organizations in the Liguria, Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta ecosystem, with particular attention to the metropolitan city of Turin.

Through a short questionnaire, the Third Sector entities were able to tell what needs and difficulties they are experiencing at this particular time. In fact, many of the initiatives in the square have been canceled or postponed until a date to be set. Many of the services aimed at disadvantaged people cannot be provided and, if the extraordinary measures will continue for a long time, it will be increasingly difficult to find coverage for all management costs. The survey, which collected data directly from non-profits, will focus on the priority needs of organizations in the very short to medium term. This picture, which is constantly updated, will also serve to guide the definition of intervention programs. Furthermore, an in-depth qualitative survey will soon follow.

Thanks to all the 212 participants who wanted to give their organization a voice.

The results will soon be available.

Innovation and technology for cultural heritage and tourism: live meeting & B2B

Corporate Meeting: business networking & B2B

The lockdown before, the spacing rules now and, above all, the uncertainty about the time to return to normal from an epidemiological and community life point of view are having a very strong economic impact on all sectors and, in our country, the sector of culture and tourism is certainly among the most affected.

However, a glimpse of light can be glimpsed, in the sense that many cultural realities and many economic operators have been able to react with great courage and creativity, remodeling, where possible, their entertainment offer in digital form and thus reaching a virtual audience, sometimes even wider.

Better use of social networks and data-based marketing strategies, activation of content management, augmented and virtual reality, as well as solutions previously considered too innovative, can be the key to exit from the crisis and the starting point from which to start design a renewed cultural and tourist offer for our territory and for Italy.

The Piedmont ICT Cluster, in its Corporate Meeting of 7 July, chose to investigate this topic so strategic for the restart, thanks to the comparison with two valuable keynote speakers and proposing some of the most useful technological and innovative solutions aimed at the management and enhancement of the cultural heritage and economic development of the territories, to increase their tourist attraction capacity.

Why participate

To get to know the most useful technological solutions for:

  • manage and enhance the cultural and artistic heritage
  • promoting the tourist offer and local specificities
  • make better use of tourist destinations

The Corporate Meeting is

LIVE EVENT in remote connection on the ZOOM platform, in which companies belonging to the ICT Pole present their solutions with 5-minute quick interventions on the speed pitching model.

B2B MEETINGS organized in the days following the meeting, which take place remotely. Each participant in the live can request can request personalized appointments to each speaker.

AN EVENT OPEN to all companies in the culture and tourism sector, in addition to those in the ICT sector. Organize the Torino Wireless Foundation.


Talk | In conversation with Nesta Italia #6

The role of local partnership and clusters to foster social impact ecosystems

How can local partnerships and clusters foster social impact ecosystems? Starting from the local experience of Torino Social Impact we will broaden the focus on European experiences, considering the essential tools and steps involved in the development of such ecosystems. What kind of value do they add in strengthening a social impact oriented economy? What is the role of the European Commission in supporting these local initiatives?

On Tuesday June 23rd, during a live streaming on Facebook, we will discuss the current situation and future projects with:

  • Raffaella Scalisi, Senior Advisor, Torino Social Impact
  • Coos Santing, Program Manager, ImpactCity The Hague
  • Karel Vanderpoorten, Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, EU Commission
  • Mario Calderini, Full Professor, Politecnico di Milano

Hosted by Marco Zappalorto, CEO Nesta Italia. You can sign up to the event here.

The talk will be held in English.

Challenge Prize: a practice guide

Nesta Italia has published the italian edition of Nesta Challenges’ Practice Guide to Challenge Prizes. It’s a useful tool to discover how to design, develop and launch a challenge prize. You can read and download the guide on Nesta Italia’s website.

Challenge prizes offer a reward to whoever can first or most effectively meet a defined challenge. Through a public competition, challenge prizes aim to tap into and engage the broadest possible community of innovators in the solving of a specific problem or challenge. To learn more about the impact of this innovation method you can visit Nesta Challenges’ website.

At Nesta Italia we believe in the power of Challenge Prizes to find valuable solutions to social issues, sparking change and innovation throughout the process.

To stay updated about this project follow us on Facebook.

July 06 2020 – Call Top Metro Fa Bene | Metropolitan City of Turin

The TOP METRO FA BENE call, within the framework of the Suburban Notice of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, stems from the desire of the Metropolitan City of Turin to gather creativity and collective intelligence to improve the quality of life of local communities, through the development of civil engagement and initiatives that focus on markets, quality food chains, new citizens and sustainability.

Initiatives that nurture local communities and their places of reference through the use of enabling technologies, the involvement of women, young people, migrants and vulnerable people, exchange between cultures, geographies, generations.

It is conceived and promoted by the Metropolitan City of Turin in partnership with the S-node promoting committee, with the support of the Caritas Diocesana of Turin and in collaboration with the cities of Collegno, Grugliasco, Rivoli, Moncalieri, Venaria Reale.

The call will be open until Monday July 6 2020. Info: www.topmetrofabene.it

June 29 2020 – Philanthropy & Impact investing | Masterclass

Philanthropy and impact investing: how do they draw strength from each other?
On Monday, June 29 from 10 am to 11.30 am, the Impact Masterclass| Live! Philanthropy & Impact investing, curated by Cottino Social Impact Campus, with Elisa Ricciuti, Urszula Świerczyńska and Sertac Yeltekin, will start and it will be held entirely in English.  
The objective of the Masterclass is to give rise to the desire to undertake a path of greater deepening or of project development in the context of philanthropy, philanthropic advice, and impact investing.

You will learn how to…
  • Interpret the evolutions and the state of the art in philanthropy and impact investing globally
  • Recognize the drivers and the potentials of revolutionary philanthropy, and the strategies available to donors to achieve an impact goal.

Register for free

The first edition of the University course on Social Impact Assessment has ended today

In Turin, the first Social Impact Evaluators have been certified thanks to the University Professional Course promoted by the Turin Social Impact Competence Center.

The CUAP – University Professional Course – for the Social Impact Assessment carried out by the University of Turin as part of the Turin Social Impact strategic plan, is successfully concluded today as the first action of the Competence Center for Impact Measurement, born in November.

As a confirmation of the great attention of the territory for new business models able to combine economic performance objectives and social impact objectives, the numbers of this first edition are an important sign: 91 participants and 42 third sector entities were involved. The total teaching hours provided were 125 (both in classroom and online), with the participation of over 20 expert teachers of the impact assessment in every area: to name a few, in addition to Paolo Biancone director of the CUAP, Mario Calderini, Giuseppe Chiappero, Flavia Coda Moscarola, Emiliano Giovine, Gabriele Guzzetti, Federico Mento, Filippo Montesi, Roberto Randazzo, Elisa Ricciuti, Silvana Secinaro, Valentina Tosi, Paolo Venturi, Flaviano Zandonai.

A total of 84 certified impact evaluators / chief value officers came out of the course. The final exam test involved the realization of a project work, for which the participants selected 15 existing projects, on which to carry out the impact assessment.

The course, supported by the Turin Chamber of Commerce through the Social Entrepreneurship Committee, was made possible thanks to the synergy with the Management Department of the University of Turin, as well as the collaboration of the Tiresia Politecnico di Milano International Research Center, of the Cottino Social Impact Campus and of the training agencies of the cooperative system.

A new edition of the CUAP on the Social Impact Assessment is expected in December 2020.

28th and 29th/05 – Scientific Colloquium on Social Enterprise

The Scientific Colloquium on Social Enterprise organised by Iris Network – initially forseseen in Turin – will take place in LIVE STREAMING, on the 28th and 29th of May!

> Download the program [ITA] 

Participation in the Scientific Colloquium on Social Enterprise is free, available in live streaming on the following platforms:

The 2021 edition will be held in Turin!

COVID-19: survey on the the Third Sector needs

The Third Sector has proved to be one of the most active to deal with the Covid-19 emergency, by trying to respond to the needs of the weakest and poorest. It is also one of the most affected  by the crisis since many of the services provided, especially those to the person, have undergone radical arrests and remodulations, leading to loss of income and increased costs.
All crises can also be an occasion to innovate and elaborate an improved start. The Torino Social Impact platform is the tool for monitoring the effects of the crisis and facilitating the launch of new models and solutions.In this context, a survey is underway on the economic impact of the Covid19 crisis on the Third Sector local organizations and on the emerging needs among social enterprises and actors. The work, which will be aligned with similar research on a national scale, is coordinated by Torino Social Impact and involves the cooperatives associations and all the actors interested in contributing in the development of the action.
The first action is a survey carried out thanks to the partnership with italianonprofit.it to map the consequences of Coronavirus on the non-profit organizations of the ecosystem of the metropolitan city of Turin. A short questionnaire through which Third Sector entities can tell what are the main needs and difficulties they are experiencing at this particular moment. To participate: https://italianonprofit.it/aiuti-coronavirus/mappa-del-bisogno-torino-social-impact/

Torino Social Impact Art Award: the winners

Artissima and Torino Social Impact announce the winners of the call HOW MANY ITALIES?

 The Torino Social Impact Art Award – organized by Artissima and Torino Social Impact and aimed at emerging talents with a multicultural and migratory background – continues with the announcement of the two winners of the residency competition: Caterina Erica Shanta (Germany, 1986) and Liryc Dela Cruz (Philippines, 1992).

The two young talents selected will have the opportunity to be in residence in Torino for one month to produce a new video work that involves reflections on the theme of “How Many Italies?”, the title and focus of this first edition of the Torino Social Impact Art Award.

“How many Italies?” invites the young winners to contribute to the transformation of social perceptions on particularly urgent issues, examining life stories considered “distant” to investigate themes such as identity and cooperation, relying on their own multicultural background and personal, faceted and innovative viewpoints, through constant and productive interaction with the context and stimuli of the city of Torino.

The selection of the artists took place through the publication of a call sent to the leading Italian Fine Arts Academies and Universities and digitally distributed. The call received submissions from 22 artists: video artists, photographers, painters and performers, ranging in age from 22 to 35 years, with a slight majority of women (thirteen) and foreigners (twelve). The existence of a multicultural and migratory background in the artist’s life story was a fundamental requirement of the call, interpreted by the candidates in close relation to family history, and in relation to professional and educational experiences. Living for a long period of time in contact with other cultures, and having assimilated their characteristics, many of the candidates feel like “citizens of the world” and see their research as the result of migratory experience. Artists of many different origins responded to the call, with roots in Southeast Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, Central America, South America, the Middle East and the Far East. All the candidates have demonstrated a strong interest in the creation of collaborative works based on dialogue with the inhabitants of Torino.

The two winners have been selected by a committee composed of Ilaria Bonacossa, director of Artissima, Mario Calderini, professor at Politecnico di Milano and spokesperson of Torino Social Impact, Antonio Damasco, director of Rete Italiana di Cultura Popolare, Danilo Correale, artist, and Anna Daneri, curator.

During the residency – initially scheduled for the month of May and postponed to September due to the health emergency – the artists will stay at Combo, the hospitality partner of the project and an innovative format that combines the idea of lodging with artistic and cultural programming open to experimentation. The daily interaction with the heterogeneous community that inhabits and frequents the spaces of Combo, as well as the synergic proximity to Porta Palazzo – the largest market in Europe – which lends its name to the historically multi-ethnic neighbourhood that is Combo’s location, will permit the artists in residence to constantly absorb new stimuli and inspirations.

Stimuli that will be enhanced by the visits organized by Artissima and Torino Social Impact to accompany the artists in the discovery of the city and its most significant artistic, cultural and social expressions. Artissima will also guide the artists in the development of their works, with specific processes of tutoring.

The shared focus on experimentation has led Artissima and Torino Social Impact to formulate the project with the aim of widening the boundaries of action of social innovation to contemporary art. Concentrating on the space of multiculturalism in today’s society, the initiative sets out to propose new relationships and to open unexpected scenarios through the languages and gazes of the winning artists.



Caterina Erica Shanta wins the Torino Social Impact Art Award with the project: Talking about visibility, for the following reasons:

“For the social impact of her proposal, based on horizontal dialogue and exchange of viewpoints. For the desire to question and focus on the imaginary of cinema of each of us, with the aim of giving rise to a project of collective cinema, involving several multi-ethnic communities of Torino and producing a work capable of conveying stories and narratives that shift from the personal to the social dimension.”

Born to an Italian mother and an American father, Caterina Erica Shanta has lived in various countries and been in contact with a range of different communities. Like other works recently made by the artist, Talking about visibility is a place of construction of identity, otherness and memory that places the accent on the act of recognition of self in a given imaginary, and on the visibility of that imaginary inside a common narrative.


Liryc Dela Cruz, a filmmaker from the Philippines, wins the Torino Social Impact Art Award with the project Il Mio Filippino: Invisible Bodies, Neglected Movements, for the following reasons:

“For the force of social investigation proposed, focusing on the documentation of the collective movement of migration, its perception, the forgotten labour force and social rejection. For the intention to put a silent, subterranean world at the centre of the research, inhabited by people who remain unobserved or overlooked, but who play a fundamental role in our society.”

As in other works thematically linked to his roots and history, the Filipino community of Torino will be the protagonist of the research. The artist, concentrating on the everyday life of domestic workers, sets out to produce a video with choreographic elements.



Caterina Erica Shanta

Born in Germany in 1986, Caterina Erica Shanta is an artist and director who develops documentary film projects with a particular focus on media systems for the production and archiving of images.

With a degree in Visual Arts from IUAV University of Venice, her works have been shown at various film festivals and in contemporary art exhibitions. She has worked in the field of education for several years, conducting workshops for children and adults.

Her works have been presented in art spaces and film events, including: Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze (FI); Progetto Borca, Borca di Cadore (BL); PAV Parco Arte Vivente (TO); Lago Film Festival, (TV); MAMbo, Bologna (BO); Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano (MI).


Liryc Dela Cruz

Born in the Philippines in 1992, Liryc Dela Cruz took a degree in Mass Communication at the University of Davao (PH). He moved to Italy in 2017, and lived for six months in Torino, then moving to Rome where he presently lives and works.

His works have been selected and screened in international film festivals and art exhibitions. Among his various honours and events, we can mention: representation of Italy at Young Artist UK in Nottingham; Editor-in-Chief of the exhibition “Where is South” at Palazzo Querini, Fondazione Ugo e Olga Levi in the context of the initiative “Rothko in Lampedusa” during the 58th Venice Biennale; he collaborated with the Festival del Cinema Mediterraneo in Rome as coordinator of Progetto Methexis (2019). Recently he was selected as one of the emerging young filmmakers to represent Italy in the section of the Berlinale Talents festival during the 70th Berlinale International Film Festival. He will also take part in the INFRA project from 2020 to 2021 for Teatro di Roma.

SocialFare launches FOUNDAMENTA#10 | Impact Makers for the Future

FOUNDAMENTA # 10 | Impact Makers for the Future is the new call from SocialFare | Center for Social Innovation, addressing startups and businesses with a social impact, able to offer innovative responses to contemporary social challenges.

Objective is to support the best entrepreneurial teams “capable for the future” for the development of innovative products, services and models, by offering a unique acceleration program of expert advice and equity investment up to € 100k for the generation of entrepreneurship and social impact.

Incubator certified by MISE, SocialFare has activated 9 specific acceleration programs for companies with a social impact: since 2016, it has accelerated 57 startups that together have collected more than 4 million euros of fundings.

The startups and companies selected through the FOUNDAMENTA # 10 call will have access to:

  • 4 months of intensive acceleration (September 2020 / January 2021)
  • Seed fund up to € 100K in cash for each company selected in exchange for equity up to 15% (20% of the seed seed received by correspondent to SocialFare for acceleration services)
  • A dedicated Acceleration Team, mentor and advisor of excellence
  • Social Impact Acceleration approach developed by SocialFare
  • Access to the network of over 50 social impact investors
  • Free desk in Social Renaissance, hub and network dedicated to social innovation in the heart of Turin

The program ends with the Social Impact Investor Day and the opportunity to present itself in front of a panel of prestigious private entities, business angels, private investors and family offices including the impact investor instrument SocialFare Seed: Compagnia di San Paolo, CRC Foundation, Finde SpA and Magnetto Foundation.

Deadline: July, 12th

> The call with further information is available at the link socialfare.org/foundamenta

COVIDCAP, a platform for searching cash fundings

COVIDCAP.COM is a platform for searching global and local sources of finance and loans for small businesses and non-profit organizations. The database, daily updated, already contains over $ 1 trillion in resources allocated for the COVID-19 emergency, available to small businesses and nonprofit entrepreneurs around the world.

By accessing the platform it is possible to search or to add a resource available in the form of a grant, loan or any other forms of cash aid, anywhere in the world.

Covidcap.com is produced by The Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, with a team of consultants and volunteers and with the support of institutions from all around the world.


20th/05 – COCCA, the bowl is a head game. Presentation of the prototype

On Wednesday 20th May from 18 to 19 on Hackability Facebook page will take place the LIVE STREAMING of COCCA prototype presentation.

Cocca is the first ergonomic and customized helmet made in 3D printing for the Paralympic bowl, designed by Cocca Visconti, Paralympic champion of bowl and by Etra Rossi designer, with Davide Visconti and the support of Maurizio Contu Marco Bocca Giuseppe Becci. COCCA was created within the HACKABILITYLAB with the contribution of the CRT Foundation.

The project team will be present.

HACKABILITYLAB is a Hackability initiative.

15th/05 – Launch of a|impact venture capital fund for social impact

The launch of the new investment fund created to support the development of companies with high social, environmental and cultural impact

a|impacte is the new closed impact investing fund promoted by Avanzi – Sustainability in Action, in collaboration with Etica Sgr – Resposible Investments, starting from 2020.

The Fund has raised significant resources from professional investors, in particular from Banca Etica and Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore and aims to raise a total of € 40 million in the coming months from professional investors. It has as Advisor a|cube (ex Make a Cube3), the leading incubator in Italy in social business.

The launch of a|impacte will take place on Friday 15th May 2020, at 10.30 am.

> Go to the registration link

14th/05 – Rethinking school to rebuild communities

Fifth appointment of “The Workshop of the Commons”, an event organized by Labsus and part of the “Pacts for shared administration in the Turin metropolitan” with the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation.

During the ongoing Coronavirus emergency, children lost their daily reference to the place of learning, discovery and relationship: school. In recent weeks, civil society has mobilized on the one hand to support the activities of educational institutions, on the other, making creative proposals to meet the needs of children and families.

How can we rethink the school that will come in the coming months? What experiences emerged in the area, what ideas can help us rethink and co-design activities and services for children by renewing the role of schools as a community garrison in neighborhoods?

It will be discussed on Thursday 14th May from 17:30 to 19:00 (live facebook on the Labsus Beni Comuni page) together with:

  • Ester Chicco, Psychotherapist, Psychologists Worldwide, Turin
  • Erika Mattarella, Coop Liberitutti and Public Baths Via Agliè, Torino
  • Gianluca Cantisani, President of MoVI – Italian Volunteer Movement and Parent Association of the “Di Donato” School, Rome
  • Teaching Direction Collegno III, Open and Shared School I. Calvino
  • Manuela Naldini, University of Turin – Alliance for children
  • Ludovico Albert, President of the Foundation for the School of the Compagnia di San Paolo

Introduced and moderated by Ianira Vassallo, Labsus – Subsidiarity Laboratory

For information: mailto: piemonte@labsus.net
Facebook Group Labsus Piemonte

Rete Adesso, telephone support for access to digital public and private services

RETE ADESSO is addressed to unemployed people in particular conditions of frailty and social vulnerability: the telephone contact point offers information on the services active in the area, advice and accompaniment to access to digital public and private services, including: access to the Program Digital Solidarity of the Italian Government, the activation of the SPID and the use of the public platforms, the search for information necessary for daily life and / or the study of children and numerous other services.

The service is also available in language sign for deaf people.

The initiative is relized by Exar Solutions with the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, in partnership with the Regione Piemonte, the Consorzio Sociale Co.Al.A and the Consorzio Sociale Il filo da Tessere.

The free number to call is 800 197 331 and it is active;

  • from Monday to Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m to 6 p.m.
  • on Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The service in language sign is available in videoconference on Tuesday and on Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m., by calling at the number 342 09 66 740

The Community Concierge to help families and lonely people

The Community Concierge “Lo Spaccio di cultura” of the Biagio Project from the Italian Network of Popular Culture is active to provide free assistance to people who need it. The “concierges” are available to provide different services, such as:

  • Sos technological assistance
  • Homework support and creative workshops for children from kindergarten and elementary school
  • Recipes from the multicultural families of “Guess who’s coming to dinner?”
  • Aesthetics and body care treatments
  • Concierge choir
  • Parlons français!
  • Psychological support

All services will be offered for free, from Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., by calling the number +39 347 8788271, of directly from the web site www.spacciocultura.it or by e-mail info@spacciocultura.it

“Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti Torino”: CSI Next first block of the project

The City of Turin will participate in the MiSe call (launched last March 3rd), to select projects for the realization of “Casa delle tecnologie emergenti”, innovation and technology transfer centres to support research, experimentation, startups, knowledge transfer to companies.

The House of Emerging Technologies of Turin, for which the selection procedures of private and technological partners are in progress (with calls for tenders published on the website of the City of Torino open until May 29th 2020) has been conceived not as a single physical infrastructure, but as a network of widespread innovation hubs.

The first block, which will be its heart, will be CSI Next, a laboratory designed to hinge on the best digital technologies, new ways of working (co-working), the best systems to communicate, for Turin and Piedmont. An indication contained in the project proposal being defined by the City of Turin in collaboration with the first group of partners identified, namely the University and the Polytechnic of Turin with their respective university incubators, Links Foundation, Torino Wireless, 5T and CSI Piemonte.

The Central House, as well as the other physical hubs that will make up the project, will have the role of testing and validating new emerging technologies: from cloud computing to artificial intelligence, from new technological standards in telecommunications to cybersecurity and blockchain. 

“Casa delle tecnologie di Torino” will be grafted onto the Torino City Lab platform and partnership, as regards the development and testing of innovative urban services in strategic sectors such as Smart Mobility and Industry 4.0.

SOLIVID, an international online map for solidarity initiatives born from the crises due to Covid19

The Giacomo Brodolini Foundation takes part to the SOLIVID project, an international open database for sharing solidarity and civil activism initiatives in the fight of the crisis of Covid19.

In particular, the project aims to acquire information on two main areas:

1 / Maps and digital networks that collect solidarity initiatives in response to the Coronavirus crisis in various territorial areas around the world.

2 / Concrete solidarity initiative with the following general characteristics:

  • An altruistic initiative that does not involve any type of monetary exchange and not for profit
  • Collective initiative involving a certain degree of social organization (and therefore not only found on a personal basis)
  • Initiatives aimed at responding to plural collective needs (linked to personal care, education, housing, leisure, physical activity, culture …)
  • Initiative that represents a response expressly referred to the Coronavirus crisis, implemented by groups born in this period or new activities of groups already operating in the area.

The project, conceived by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​already has numerous partners all over the world (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal) and sees, in addition to the Brodolini Foundation, also the participation of the Italian University such as the University Federico II and the IUAV of Venice, as well as other foreign universities such as the Universitat de Girona, the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Maximum participation and collaborative action is encouraged.

For more information and to enter your initiative in the database: solivid.org

Until June, 30th applications are open for social impact projects in rural and mountain communities

Finpiemonte and the Giacomo Brodolini Foundation promote an accompanying path for the development of entrepreneurial projects with social impact in the rural and mountain areas.

Active organizations (companies, associations, cooperatives and community cooperatives, and in general organizations not registered in the business register) or potential future entrepreneurs (individual or group subjects) having a project idea to respond to social needs of rural and mountain areas can apply to this call.

The initiative will support projects that intervene in the territories of the Inner Areas of Biella, Cuneo and Turin (for a total of 293 municipalities), as identified by the SNAI national strategy, aimed at contrasting the demographic decline of the territories more distant from essential services (education , health, mobility).

The accompanying path that will be offered to 10 selected subjects will be aimed at promoting the creation or strengthening of the business project. It will develop in about 9 months (July 2020 – March 2021) and will include training sessions, individual assistance moments and practical exercises. It will require participants an average commitment of 3 days per month and will also include meetings at local offices and remote working arrangements.

Applications must be received by 30 June 2020.

All information only available on the web page: https://www.finpiemonte.it/progetti-europei/delfin/bando

This initiative is promoted within the DELFIN project, co-financed by the Interreg Central Europe program and aimed at supporting actions for the development and consolidation of a financial ecosystem in support of social enterprises in rural areas.

Until May 11th, apply for ImpattoSocialeReloaded

Until May, 11th #ImpattoSocialeReloaded is open, a call dedicated to Third Sector entities and social entrepreneurs committed to innovate and redesign their activities in order to face the COVID-19 emergency and mitigate its social and economic consequences.

The initiative is addressed to those who need immediate resources to activate, through a transformative process, new solutions and new models for the care and well-being of the communities in which they operate.

Each selected initiative will benefit from:

  • Up to € 100,000 in cash
  • A fundraising campaign on ideatre60
  • An advisory support from the Promoters to accompany the development of the projects proposed.

The initiative is promoted by Fondazione Italiana Accenture and Fondazione Snam, in partnership with Aiccon, Make a Cube³, Nesta Italia and TechSoup.

See the call and applicate > impattosocialereloaded.ideatre60.it

Torino City Lab and Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center for the mobility of the future

Techstars, one of the first startup accelerators in the world, started its first European acceleration program at Ogr Tech in Turin choosing the first 11 new companies to grow in Italy through a call dedicated to new ideas for smart mobility. The projects, selected at international level among hundreds from over 50 countries around the world, were presented for the first time on April 23rd in a virtual Demo Day in front of an audience of venture capitalists, business angels, investors, entrepreneurs.

Thanks to the collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, four of these startups – Automotus, Parkofon, PowerMarket, Urban SDK – have been selected by Torino City Lab – the innovation policy of the City of Torino – for a real testing on the territory of their technologies and solutions to improve the sustainability of urban mobility.

TuttiConnessi, solidarity collection of IT tools for students in difficulty

In Turin, some local associations have launched “TuttiConnessi”, an initiave to promote the solidarity collection of IT tools for students in difficulty in response to the lack of connection equipment.

Distance learning has proven to be a strategic resource for schools with the aim of ensuring continuity of training activities in this emergency situation we are facing. To success, this new model of “doing school” does not only require you to juggle e-learning platforms, multimedia content and new teaching approaches, but has a fundamental requirement: the IT tools, essential for accessing this “e-learining plan”.

However, data collected from teachers revealed several critical issues, first of all the absence of  technological devices for a third of Italian families. According to a recent ISTAT survey, in fact, it seems that about 14.3% of families with at least one minor do not have computers or tablets and only in 22.2% of families each component has a PC or tablet at disposal.

“TuttiConnessi” is a project in expansion: born to respond to a specific need (and emergency) of the territory, it also intends to look to the future, trying to incisively face the problem of the digital divide and the new challenges that the world of education will face.

To offer effective teaching support, the goal is to collect unused IT equipment from private individuals and companies and distribute it to students in need. The devices will be recovered and sanitized by volunteers, regenerated and delivered to the families of the pupils who requested them through the mediation of teachers and educators.

This independent project was born from the collaboration between the Turin associations SYX, Tékhné, Informatici Senza Frontiere and MuPIN – Piedmontese Informatics and Technology Museum: a multidisciplinary team, necessary to manage a complex situation that implies, in the first phase, the offer of the access to hardware essential for online training, and which will subsequently require the development of new skills and teaching methods.

By connecting to the web site tutticonnessi.it it is possible to access the different areas dedicated to anyone intending to donate a device: everyone can support the project through the donation of laptops, tablets or smartphones, of any brand and type, provided they are functional and sufficiently recent.

The proposed model is also scalable and replicable in other cities that have already taken an interest in the initiative, and which find indications on the website regarding the processes and operations. This emergency teaches everyone to be in solidarity, therefore the prerequisite for the school to continue with its formative mission is that, thanks to a massive adhesion, it is also possible to make #TuttiConnessi.

For more information: tutticonnessi@syx.it – ​​Telegram / WhatsApp: +39 351 8930600

Unioncamere launches RipartireImpresa, the platform for enterprises on the Coronavirus emergency policies and initiatives

A tool dedicated to enterprises, collecting all information about the Coronavirus emergency: Unioncamere, in collaboration with InfoCamere, has created an online platform to help entrepreneurs to extricate themselves in the flood of national and regional measures aimed at containing the spread of the virus.

Reachable at https://ripartireimpresa.unioncamere.it/ the portal allows a targeted search of the rules adopted at central and local level and pays particular attention to opportunities for financial support.

Seed: update to the call

The Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation has introduced an important update in the current edition of the Seed_Social enterprises, efficiency & development call, in ordet to better meet the needs generated by the health emergency.

The review is aimed at supporting the resilience and restarting of social enterprises, as well as the continuity of organizational functioning, and promoting possible transformations to react to the rapidly changing context.

The main changes concern the acceleration of the selection process and the increase in the overall amount of contributions and the number of social enterprises that can be supported. An ecosystem of subjects available to offer their services to social enterprises will also be activated.

The deadline for submitting applications is April 30, 2020.

> See all the details on the revision of the call on the official call page [ITA].

HumusJob’s appeal for a labor emergency in the fields

We point out the appeal of Humus Job, an innovative startup with a social vocation accelerated by SocialFare in 2018/19, which has developed the new job search platform dedicated to agriculture and committed to promoting ethical and regular contracts:


we create an operational and synergistic network to meet the needs of companies!

To all those who work in the agricultural sector:

Institutions, public bodies, employers’ associations, trade unions, third sector

[Contacts: www.humusjob.it / rete@humusjob.it]

They teach us compulsory schools that the primary sector is the most marginal, least important in “developed” economies:  everything is now mechanized, the industry and the service sectors are the main driving forces of the country.

Still, we find ourselves today not knowing where to find the labor force for our farms. According to what the president of Coldiretti Prandini said, “the blockade of the borders has made 370 thousand foreign workers in the fields less, on which a quarter of the Made in Italy food production depends“.

But this is not an emergency today. For years our campaigns have lost a governance of the supply of labor, leading to the generation of the famous ghettos, which in the words of Minister Bellanova, are “hellish places! Where desperation is mounting, also due to hunger and loneliness, which are full of workers who come from the South of the world and who over the years have been used in our countryside, often in the dark”.

“Now we realize how much WE are in need of immigrants, because the North is suffering!” These words of Minister Bellanova resonate vigorously among those who, for years, have been dealing with issues related to agricultural labor and the labor insertion of migrants.

Numerous actors have been moving on these issues for some time, to try to stem the suffering in the ghettos, to respond to the housing needs of the seasonal workers, to protect the interests of workers and those of companies. Either the state governs these processes, or there is crime. Today, too often, there is no government of the phenomenon. A complex and differentiated phenomenon, but which has highlighted a priority need from many sides: an instrument that connects the supply and demand of agricultural work is essential.

Humus Job has been working for a year and a half to create a job matching platform in agriculture.

We listened to companies, workers, unions and employers’ associations, we tried to respond to everyone’s needs, attempting a mediation that would respond strongly to the needs of the sector.

We were born in one of the provinces with the strongest agricultural vocation in Italy: Cuneo. The Granda Province is famous all over the world for its excellence and its food production. Today it is also the district of Northern Italy affected by the phenomenon of the ghettos of seasonal workers, in the difficult context of Saluzzo and surroundings.

Humus Job communicates job supply and demand efficiently and facilitates regular contracts. We are still in the process of developing the tool, but we are ready to make it available to workers and companies already after Easter.

We have decided to push the accelerator to respond to this emergency, to provide a concrete tool to those who deal with this phenomenon in all parts of Italy.

We don’t think we have a definitive solution, but we believe that, quoting the minister, there is “The need to do a job together, we must be able to give these people the opportunity to work REGULARLY and not to have a deficit of manpower for the next harvesting campaigns ».

The platform is there and there is no shortage of possible workers, not only among migrants. Those who have lost their jobs, the unemployed, those who receive income support, can now be the new agricultural workers. Thanks to the platform, people can be contracted directly online and therefore the movement of workers seeking employment in the countryside can be avoided. Companies can search for labor on the basis of training, experience in the sector and availability.

A verification of workers’ documents is activated and contracts are activated directly online. We ask both parties to keep track of the working days and we will check the regularity of the hiring at the end of the season. Verified companies – i.e. those that will focus on regularity and transparency – will receive an ethical quality label for the management of work resources and will be given positive visibility on social networks and on our website.

We want to encourage work in the countryside, but not just any job, not even in an emergency: we promote ethical and regular contracts, especially today!

However, we believe that the success of an innovative project is based on integration with other services, public and private. To give organic and effective answers there is the need to connect and be available.

This appeal goes in this direction: we have worked on a small piece, now we hope to be able to stimulate a dialogue on possible concrete experiments to provide immediate and shared solutions. They will not be perfect, but they will be operational and available solutions. Activating a large-scale collaboration process seems essential to us and the words of the Minister motivate us to get involved in the first person. Humus teaches us how essential the mixing of elements is to generate new life. We are inspired by this model to try to create networks, connections and new integrated responses.

Let’s join forces: help us spread our platform and write us to collaborate!

21/4 – CSR Ivrea roadshow, in live streaming

The Ivrea date of the CSR roadshow “THE FACES OF SUSTAINABILITY – THE NEW COMPANY AND THE CORPORATE IMPACT”, which was supposed to be held in the Olivetti factories, moves to the virtual.

The appointment is for Tuesday 21 April, at 4.30 pm, for a 90-minute meeting.

The speakers are of great interest and over 200 online registrations have already been collected.

Read the program and the discover the speakers [ITA]

Register here to participate

#EUvsVirus Hackathon: innovative solutions in the fight against COVID-19

The European Commission, in close collaboration with the EU member states, will host a pan-European hackathon (from 24 to 26 April) to connect civil society, innovators, partners and investors across Europe in order to develop innovative solutions for coronavirus-related challenges.

Application deadline: 19 April

The European Commission, in close collaboration with all member States and the participating H2020 associated countries, will provide follow up to the best projects coming from the #EUvsVirus hackathon through the new European Innovation Council (EIC) Covid platform.

More info on https://euvsvirus.org/

Covid-19 emergency: the solidarity network of the City of Turin

The Covid-19 emergency led the City of Turin to define a solidarity territorial network to support and protect people and groups in situations of personal, social and economic vulnerability. The actions that the city network has activated are wide and differentiated.

A toll-free number 800 444 004 (active every day from 10 to 17)  available for all those who have various needs (delivery of the shopping, walking the dog, going to the pharmacy) and are unable to move from home or lean on other people. Citizens’ calls are sent to voluntary associations available to meet the requests. The citizens who want to offer their collaboration can contact the number too.

The numbers 011 011 37 782 and 011 011 37 740 offer psychological support to people who find themselves alone in the house and experience difficult times. The service is managed by the association “Psicologi per il popolo”, and is active every day of the week from 10 to 18.

Tthe  Elderly Help Service has extended its action to people with disabilities and frailties and strengthened the dedicated call center. A logistics center  has been opened for the storage of food and the possibility of distributing food at home. Collaboration with the Banco Alimentare del Piemonte has been strengthened for the supply of food and basic necessities from both the ordinary flows of supplies and donations, and from the supplementary food aid provided for by the European FEAD fund to be destined to the local solidarity network.

A network is active for the free supply of food and basic necessities based on the identification of intermediate distribution hubs spread throughout the municipal area, identified in collaboration with Arci Torino,Arcidiocesi, Associazione Terza Settimana, SermigRete Case del Quartiere, cooperativa Educare and Associazione Eufemia. All the hubs ensure the supply, storage and distribution of food goods both to voluntary and social private bodies of territorial reference, and directly to people and families in difficult situations. In addition, the solidarity territorial network provides for interventions dedicated to the retrieval of food and basic necessities, listening and telephone support, helping specific population groups, supporting cultural mediation and other services.

The Municipality has opened a “solidarity” bank account at Banca Unicredit to collect donations to be allocated to people in economic difficulties to allow them to be able to shop for food and basic necessities. Those who wish can make a donation by bank transfer to the Municipality of Turin, IBAN IT69L0200801033000104431330 with the reason “Turin Solidale art. 66 dl 18/2020 “.

An How-to page has been prepared on the Informagiovani website: a guide on the emergency, a collection of questions and answers on the supports and services available during the emergency.

The Department of Innovation activated Torino City Love; an initiative of solidarity and open innovation aimed at the partners of Torino City Lab to offer free resources, actions  and skills to support citizens and businesses in the area during the COVID emergency- 19.

Welfare, che impresa! is open until April 20th

Welfare, che impresa! the 4th edition of the competition in online

Until April 20th it’s possible to candidate your project in the “Welfare, che impresa!” competition, which rewards and supports the best community welfare projects promoted by actors able to produce benefits in terms of local development.

The competition will award the best four projects in the following areas:

  • social agriculture
  • enhancement of cultural heritage
  • requalification of confiscated assets
  • training and social inclusion for vulnerable categories
  • environmental sustainability and fight against climate change

The competition is aimed at non-profit organizations, innovative start-ups with a social vocation, benefit companies, membership networks that have not been established for more than 5 years and to organizations that have not yet been established, which will have 6 months from the announcement of the winning projects to formalize the constitution.

> Download the the information sheet of the competition 

The competition is promoted by Fondazione Italiana Accenture, Fondazione Bracco, Fondazione Snam, Fondazione CON IL SUD, Fondazione Peppino Vismara e UBI Banca, con il contributo di AICCON, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano – Tiresia e Impacton e degli incubatori PoliHub, SocialFare, Hubble Acceleration Program, G-Factor, Make a Cube e Campania NewSteel.

7th April: “How to become A SMART COMPANY” executive course’s starting

// Early bird on registrations until April 3rd!

How to Become a Smart Company is the executive course for those companies that in the COVID-19 emergency have found themselves unprepared for smart working and who want to know practical and technical solutions of remote work management for their team.

The course, organized by Impact Hub Turin, is addressed to Startups, SMEs and Corporates who aim to improve the flexibility and digitalization standards within their company, even post-emergency.








The course will be held online.

For more information and to find out how to register, visit the website at https://torino.impacthub.net/how-to-become-a-smart-company/

#iorestoacasa the map of shops delivering food at home

Confesercenti, in collaboration with Torino Wireless and LINKS Foundation, has published a map of shops delivering food at home, during the coronavirus emergency: a useful service available to citizens in this moment of difficulty which can be consulted on the  Confesercenti Torino e Provincia web site.



Solidarity is contagious. Support Fooding!

The campaign in support of Fooding has started!

Fooding is a project to fight poverty and food waste, promoted by Arci Torino on 4 municipalities in the province of Turin. It offers 4 popular canteens and day centers, 4 poles for the recovery and redistribution of unsold food, together with some orientation and consultancy activities to give those living on the margins of our society the tools to rebuild their own path of autonomy.

In 15 months of activity, more than 20,000 meals were guaranteed to over 600 people living in conditions of serious social marginalization. Over 30 tons of food have been recovered preventing food waste, and then redistributed to about 400 people and groups in economic difficulty.

The project is carried out with the contribution of the Ministry of Labor in collaboration with the Piedmont Region, the Municipality of Turin and the District 1. It has the patronage of the Municipality of Moncalieri and the Circumscriptions 1, 3 and 5 of the City of Turin.

In these days, solidarity and responsibility towards the community are fundamental. Fooding has NOT suspended its activities but has adapted them to ensure the safety of the operator and beneficiaries. The project continues because the emergency is worse for the most fragile and poorest people.

Distribution of ready meals to those who do not have a home to live in, delivery of food parcels at home to households most economically exposed to the social crisis within the emergency that we all live. With Fooding, we want to continue giving support to those who live in a condition of need, today more than ever, despite the increasing difficulties that activities are brought to face in the Covid-19 emergency. But to do this we need everyone’s contribution.

Feed this solidarity with us, with a donation you will allow Fooding to continue distributing ready meals to those in need!

Feed NOW! Donate NOW!

P.IN.S Project: it’s open the call for the development of social innovation projects for the Third Sector

It’s open until the 30th of April the call to select 30 social innovation projects, launched within the P.IN.S. Piedmont Social innovation, for the design and implementation of new models and methodologies  for improving or creating products and services characterized by elements of social and digital innovation.

Coronavirus: the Vol.To Volunteer Service Center does not stop

The coronavirus emergency and the lockdown imposed by this situation does not prevent the Vol.To Volunteer Service Center from continuing to fulfill its role as a reference body for the world of the Third Sector of Turin and its province.

Even if the offices of Vol.To are currently closed to the public and the activities have been reorganized in accordance with current legislation relating to the current health emergency situation, the CSV with headquarters in via Giolitti 21 in Turin continues to be active in order to meet the many demands of associations and volunteers.

CSV operators can be reached:

  • By telephone it is possible to contact the Vol.To staff by calling +39 011 8138711 and toll-free number 800-590-000. The service is active from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00.
  • By email, you can instead write to centroservizi@volontariato.torino.it
  • By filling in a specific on-line form, you can request consultations via whatsapp, Skype or Google Meet Hangout. After completing the form, a service center operator will contact the applicant using the chosen method.

On the website volontariatotorino.it some experiences of support for people in difficulty activated by the Turin associations are also available, as well as the indications dedicated to those who want to make themselves available as a volunteer in this moment of great difficulty, where the priority is the contrast and contain the spread of the virus COVID-19 throughout the country.

HACKABILITY@HOME to support people in trouble with technology

Are you a person with a disability or are you assisting someone, and you have difficulties with technology?

It’s a very common situation in these days: now everyone is trying to make a call, to choose and install a software or even to open a new e-mail account. These can be simple actions for some and extremely complex for others.

Hackability wants to help you!

Hackability, the non-profit association born to bring the skills of designers, makers, digital artisans together with the needs of people with disabilities, mobilizes its community with HACKABILITY@HOME.

On the one hand, in line with Hackability mission, we try from home and through teleconference to develop and co-plan ideas and objects to make the lives of people with disabilities and caregivers easier and more accessible in these days; on the other hand, the community is mobilized every day from 10 to 12 to give advice in solving small and large technological problems by calling +39 011 19117853.

A mobilization of volunteers that also caters to all geeks with skills, IT or design, who want to give a little practical help these days. All information on the site and the opportunity to apply as a volunteer at http://www.hackability.it/hackthevirus.

ATC-Turin and numerous students from Turin’s high schools have already joined the initiative.

Torino come stai? A platform to collect moods and needs from our city

Torino come stai? Turin how are you?
What are our new habits? Our new needs?

The #torinocomestai initiative, promoted by ExperientiaNesta ItaliaSocialFareDipartimento di Culture, Politica e Società – UniToLinks Foundation and Cottino Social Impact Campus, consists of a data collection platform addressed to individuals, that will help to better understand what it’s happening in our city and the related impacts, with the aim of developing immediate answers and designing the best tools that increase the responsiveness of our ecosystem, also for the future.

To answer the (anonymous) questionnaire, go to the #torinocomestai platform.

Please, help us to spread and disseminate the initiative so that the questionnaire is known and filled in by as many people as possible.

Deadline 22/03 – Insieme andrà tutto bene: call for proposals launched

Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation has launched the call named “Insieme andrà tutto bene”, with the aim of helping to reduce the social problems associated with the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the restrictions associated with measures to limit its spread.

The specific objectives of the Call are:

  • to promote activities, interventions of proximity and support actions in favor of fragile people, minors and families in situations of difficulty in the emergency phase;
  • to support proximity networks activated in the territories and capable of providing rapid and effective responses to the specific needs of the weakest sections of the population during the emergency phase.

The call is addressed to Third Sector entities and religious entities that carry out their activities in Piedmont and / or Liguria.

The first deadline for submitting applications is scheduled for 23:59 on 22 March 2020.

Requests for contributions must be sent via e-mail to the address attivita.istituzionali@pec.compagnia.torino.it and indicating in the subject the name of the proposing body and the name of the call “Insiemeandràtuttobene”.

More information and the text of the call for proposals are available on the official web page [ITA].

Torino City Love: solidarity and open innovation during the COVID-19 emergency

From “Lab” to “Love”. One word changes in the name and “Torino City Lab”, the project that makes Turin an urban laboratory of innovation, also becomes a tool to help the city community to deal with the hardships and difficulties during the COVID- 19 emergency.

With this aim “Torino City Love” was born, an initiative of digital solidarity and innovation which calls together the technological partners of the City of Turin to offer resources, actions and skills to support citizens and businesses in the city’s area during the health emergency.

The areas of “Torino City Love” concern school and work, health, digital services and training and will be able to count on resources and services made available free of charge by large companies such as TIM, CISCO and MICROSOFT.

Detailed information on the services available, how to use them and what to do to join the “Torino City Love” initiative can be found from of our website: www.torinocitylab.com/TCLove

COVID-19: Compagnia di San Paolo launches a special plan to support social, health and educational emergencies

To face the effects of COVID-19, the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation supports institutions from civil society and organizations with an initial budget of 6 million Euros. To this, approximately 10.5 million Euros more of liquidity immediately available for the social and cultural system of the territory.

See the details of the Plan for supporting the emergency (ITA)

GrandUP! Open School and Call for companies: applications are open

Two new opportunities are open within GrandUP! iniztive, the program promoted by the CRC Foundation and the Chamber of commerce of Cuneo, with the technical partnership of SocialFare.

GrandUp! Open School
2 days of intensive training, to learn about social innovation processes and methods
Locations: Cuneo and Bra
Deadline registration: 16/03/20

Call GrandUP! Companies
12 days of mentoring and co-planning with experts, to develop or innovate your company with a social impact approach.
Locations: Cuneo, Alba, Mondovì
Deadline nominations: 20/04/20


More info on: www.grandup.org

23rd/02 – Hackability4Mobility: the results

In total 60 people, among makers, designers, people with disabilities and 15 mentors in a month and starting from real challenges, have co-designed small solutions and great ideas,for a mobility accessible to all.

This is the challenge launched by Hackability in its Hackability4Mobility edition, created with the support of Toyota Italia and Arriva Italia and under the patronage of the City of Turin.

The results will be presented on Sunday 23 February at 10.30, in the Sala delle Colonne, Piazza Palazzo di Città 1, in Turin.

The mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino, the councilor for transport Maria Lapietra and the deputy minister of infrastructure and transport Giancarlo Cancelleri guaranteed their presence.

Admission free, seats limited.

14/02 – The first of a thousand nights – Opening event of the European project ToNite

ToNite is a project funded by the European programme Urban Innovative Actions that aims to improve the liveability of the areas along the Dora river in the evening hours, through the redevelopment of public spaces and technical and financial support for the activation of proximity services.  The Municipality of Torino is the project leader together with the partners: Experientia, Espereal Technologies, SocialFare, Fondazione Torino Wireless, Engineering Ingegneria informatica, ANCI, and EFUS.

The concept of the opening event – “The First of a Thousand Nights” – recalls the collection of Middle Eastern fairy tales “Thousand and One Nights”, as it wants to strengthen the element of the night and recall a multicultural dimension that is well represented in the demographic composition of the districts touched by the river Dora. “The first of a thousand nights” is a wish and a premise for the future nights of the ToNite project with the hope of creating a positive impact on the perception of the places where the interventions will occur.

The opening event on Friday 14 February is also the beginning of a collective narrative that involves many players of the territory in its organization, using various storytelling approaches, including the presentation of the videos of the biographers of the neighborhood, and the Tellingstones app.

PREVIEW ToNite (05:30 pm)
Free access, various locations
From 5.30 p.m. Events spread throughout the river Dora territory

Loving the Territory – Street Art Performance
Square in front of the Holden School, free access
How to love the territory? The association “Spazio non c’è” of Corso Vercelli 5 and popular circus gym Makakako at the Cecchi Point hub present through their performance a metaphor of street art and love for your neighborhood. Each performance will recall an indispensable element for which to love the territory where the performance artists live and train. During the performances also some citizens will intervene with their own declarations of love for the territory.

Holden School, via Borgo Dora 47
Registration required >> www.inaugurazione-tonite.eventbrite.com
20:00 Welcoming guests and welcome aperitif
20:15 Institutional interventions
21:00 Presentation of ToNite by the project partners
21:15 Conclusions
21:30 “The thousand nights of the Dora”. Concert performance composed by Johnny Lapio, inspired by the directional contributions by Stefano Di Polito, and performed with the Torino Night Ensemble feat. the cellist Paolo Damiani. A composition inspired by a musical and dreamlike journey along the river Dora, from midnight to six in the morning, paying attention to the stories of life along the river.

06/02 – Launch of the PINS WECARE project and of the Call for Social Innovators

It’s planned on Thursday the 6th of February at Open Incet (Piazza Teresa Noce 17, Turin) the launch event of “PINS Piemonte Innovazione per il Sociale”, a project to support the development of an ecosystem made of public, private and third sector actors, and able to activate and implement innovative actions that, using cutting-edge technological solutions, can respond to social needs.

During the event the project activities will be presented, as well as the forthcoming call addressed to social actors and innovators, which will allow selected participants to benefit from a personalized training and a consultancy path, for the development of their innovative project.

The project is carried out under WE.CA.RE Measure FSE2, co-financed with POR FSE and FESR 2014-2020, by Il Nodo cscs, Ping scs, CICSENE, Higher Technical Institute Foundation for Information Technologies and of Communication and in collaboration and network with Make a Cube³, Torino Wireless, Confcooperative Piemonte, Confcooperative Piemonte Nord and Confcooperative Cuneo.


More information on the project website:  pins-piemonte.it

Download the program of the event

Please, confirm your participation by sending an e-mail to ilnodo@confpiemontenord.coop

06/02 – Presentation of final projects of Bottom Up! for the requalification of unused urban spaces

On Thursday thr 6th of February, the winning projects of the Bottom Up! call will be presented.

48 groups applied to the call, proposing ideas, interventions and transformation actions for disused buildings and underutilized spaces, green areas and courtyards, schools and places for cultural activities, distributed in different areas of Turin.

The winning projects, selected by the jury, will have access to the Bottom Up! program: they will take part to a training course and will be supported to launch a crowdfunding campaign, whose results will be presented during the final event of the Architecture Festival, from 1 to 10 May 2020.

The presentation of the Bottom Up! projects will be held on Thursday 6th February at 11.30, at Combo , in Corso Regina Margherita 128, Turin.

See the Bottom Up! web site

31/01 – Presentation of the Report on the impact generated by Italian incubators and accelerators

The presentation of the “Report on the impact generated by Italian incubators / accelerators – Research 2019” will be held on Friday 31st January 2020.

The Report, developed by the Social Innovation Monitor (SIM) research team, was carried out thanks to the collaboration with Italia Startup, and PNICube and the support of Banca Etica, Compagnia di San Paolo, Experientia, Impact Hub Milano, I3P – Innovative Companies Incubator of Politecnico Torino, Instilla, Iren Group, Make a Cube³, SocialFare, and Social Innovation Teams (SIT).

The rector of the Polytechnic of Turin, Prof. Guido Saracco and the Minister Paola Pisano will also take part in the event.

The meeting will be held in the Council Room of the Faculty of the Polytechnic of Turin – Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24 – 10129 Turin (TO), on Friday 31st January 2020, from 10 a.m. to 12.30 a.m.

To participate in the event, please register at this link

05/02 – Commonshood: Blockchains for social good @Torino

Università e Città di Torino, with Torino Social Impact, organize on February 5th at 8.30 am at Open Incet (Piazza Teresa Noce 17, Turin) a morning of presentation and discussion on how Blockchain technology can have a social impact and how it can innovate the ICT industry on the territory. Will be presented the various experiments of CommonsHood, as well as entrepreneurial experiences on Blockchain and Torino Wireless observatory.

Blockchain is one of the technologies that promise to revolutionize the world of the informal economy, and four years after the European Capital of Innovation award, Turin is a finalist for the European “EIC Horizon Prize Blockchains for social good“: it competes with 22 other candidates for one of the 5 1 million euro prizes.

The finalist project is called CommonsHood, and has been developed by the University of Turin in collaboration with grassroot initiatives such as the Collaboration Pacts signed by citizens with the Municipality of Turin within the context of the new legislation on commons.

The goal of CommonsHood is to democratize local financial instruments: it allows communities to create new types of tokens to support financial inclusion and to increase the sustainability of the local economy. In particular, it provides commons and associations with instruments to help finance themselves issuing tokens representing prepaid cards, crowdfunding, complementary currencies, and to share tools and infrastructures using tokens representing access rights.

Register here http://bc4good.commonshood.eu

CALL FOR PAPER! Scientific Colloquium on Social Enterprise – IRIS Network

The XIV Scientific Colloquium on Social Enterprise, the traditional appointment of the Iris Network that promotes studies and researches about the evolutionary trends of the social enterprise in Italy, will be held in Turin.

The Scientific Colloquium is part of Torino Social Impact and will take place on the 28th and 29th May 2020 at the Management Department of the University of Turin.

“The social enterprise and its ecosystem for sustainable development” is the theme of the XIV edition, which promotes scientific studies – including interdisciplinary and international ones – on issues that characterize the challenges of the post-reform social enterprise and its ecosystem: sustainable development, innovation of production processes in the circular economy, new paths for social inclusion.

Iris Network and Torino Social Impact promote a CALL FOR PAPER & SESSION to collect contributions to be presented within the Colloquium:

The deadline for submitting proposals is on the 3rd March 2020, while registrations will open in March 2020.

23/01 Torino Social Factory: 15 social innovation projects for the suburbs

The City of Turin, in collaboration with the Agenzia per la Coesione Territoriale, organizes an event for the presentation of the first results of Torino Social Factory, the measure of the National Operational Program for Metropolitan Cities 2014-2020 (PON Metro Turin).

Torino Social Factory supported with a total budget of 1.5 million euros the creation of projects of social innovation, capable of triggering urban regeneration projects in the Turin suburbs.

This event will be an opportunity to let the 14 Metropolitan Cities of PON Metro and Turin citizens know about the 15 projects financed by the measure, and about the policies for social innovation of the City of Turin.

The event will be held on January 23rd, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., at the headquarters of Tricircolo and Glocal Factory (two of the funded projects), in via Giuseppe Regaldi, 7/11, Turin. Participation is free with registration on the torino-social-factory.eventbrite.it page.


December 11th, 12th and 16th: book your workshop for preparing to Seed2019 call

The Compagnia di San Paolo foundation organises a workshop dedicated to social enterprises interested in the call Seed_Social Enterprises, Efficiency & Development – 2019.

Basic tools:
Workshop on consultancies’ value proposition
and an introduction to social impact assessment

The workshop will be held in 3 different dates, at Sala Conferenze in Compagnia di San Paolo offices, Piazza Bernini 5, Torino:

  • Wednesday 11 December 2019
  • Thursday 12 December 2019
  • Monday 16 December 2019

From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.: a focus strictly related to Seed2019 call, about the value proposition of professional consultancies and about the metrics for impact assessment. A networking aperitif will close the meeting.

To register, please send an email to adesione@compagniadisanpaolo.it with your name, surname, organization and chosen date. Each participant can book one date only.


The Seed2019 call is addressed to social enterprises located in the Piedmont area, whose aim is to implement new development strategies and processes for activating strategic, managerial and organisational changes and for increasing their own impact investment readiness.

12/12 Presentation of CasaBottega

Public presentation of the project CasaBottega – Creative spaces to live in the neighborhood and the call for young artists and creatives.

Sandra Aloia, Compagnia di San Paolo
Carlotta Salerno, President of the Circoscrizione 6
Marco Giusta, Deputy Mayor in charge of Decentralization and Suburbs and Youth Policies City of Turin

CasaBottega is the project that transforms the lowered shutters of Barriera di Milano into artistic labs. A widespread intervention of urban regeneration to create creative places with residence, to experiment with new forms of active citizenship among inhabitants, artists and artists.

CasaBottega is a project of Sumisura Aps, Città di Torino Decentramento Giovani e Servizi, Circoscrizione 6, Associazione Respons/Ability e Liberitutti scs, con il sostegno della Compagnia di San Paolo nell’ambito di CivICa – Progetti di Cultura e Innovazione Civica.

Homes4All Project

An innovative project to support social housing in Turin, through the acquisition of buildings.


Together with the City of Turin, the project brings together private non-profit and for profit organizations, including Brainscapital, Homers, ACMOS, Turin Chamber of Commerce and Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation.

The project has already received a loan of 150 thousand Euros from the Italian government – as a first tranche of a contribution from the National Social Innovation Fund. To these resources, up to around 1,5 million Euros could be added, while another 150 thousand Euros are already available to private lenders, ready to be invested.

Homes4All will promote a brand-new social housing service strategy, starting from the identification of properties – free or occupied, coming either from judicial procedures or from other sources, such as unused apartments or ad hoc donations. Among the main objectives, special attention will be given to innovate the housing traditional dynamics of tenants in order to promote participative, collaborative and inclusive mechanisms.

The overall management of the properties – both those coming from private individuals and those purchased in the real estate market or coming from judicial auctions – will be entrusted to a NewCo, whose services will be double-oriented: in the case of a free property, it affords the renovation in the purpose of resale or re-introduce it in the social rental channels; in the case of a occupied house, the institute is responsible for removing the debt situation of the occupant, who will turn into a fixed rent. Based on the know-how of the Turin ecosystem, this implementing model is very important to answer to emerging social needs, according to the scheme of impact finance.

The estimated savings for the City of Turin, in relation to the cost incurred for the provision of facilities destined for the housing emergency, amounts to around 450 thousand Euros, making the use of public resources more efficient.

06/12 GrandUp! Generiamo impatto sociale

Fondazione CRC and Camera di Commercio di Cuneo organize on Friday, December 6 in Cuneo the presentation of GrandUp! Generiamo impatto sociale and actions to make the province of Cuneo an attractive ecosystem conducive to the development of entrepreneurship with social impact.

Participation is open and free of charge upon registration

28/11 Seed Call presentation

On Thursday 28 November from 11.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. (at Off Topic in via Pallavicino 35, Turin) Compagnia di San Paolo presents the 2019 edition of the call Seed_Social Enterprises, Efficiency & Development, open to social enterprises in the Piedmont region that intend to start a process of analysis of their needs and to design and implement a development plan capable of activating strategic, managerial and organizational changes.

It will also be possible to follow the event live in Cuneo, Alessandria and Vercelli by registering here

You can also follow the event in Webinar mode by subscribing to this link

The Seed call aims to increase the impact investment readiness of social enterprises through the design and implementation of development processes – generated within the social enterprises themselves and the result of their ideals, experiences and skills – that are able to trigger strategic, managerial and organizational changes.

30/11 Co-City Camp

The actions aimed at the care, shared management and regeneration of urban common goods activated on the city of Turin thanks to the Co-City project – European funding Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) – in the three-year period 2016/19 are presented to the city on Saturday 30 November (from 16.30 to 19.30) at Social Renaissance.

Groups of citizens, associations and bodies involved in the collaboration agreements activated together with the City of Torino will tell visitors about the path started, the first results and prospects for the future through exhibitions and stands that allow direct dialogue with anyone who is curious to know or actively participate in the activities started.

Admission is free of charge.

Bottom Up! When the city turns from below

Bottom Up is the new architecture festival of Turin promoted by the Order of Architects and the Foundation for Architecture / Turin, which will be held from 1 to 10 May 2020.

It is possible to participate now by applying for projects for the transformation of the Turin area, which will be promoted and accompanied on a path of realization. The deadline for submitting proposals is 16 January 2020.

Bottom Up! is a festival that has the ambition to generate new architectures and urban transformations from the “bottom up”. A great call to designers and city associations that transforms the festival into a great process of collective crowdfunding. In fact, the festival is first and foremost a search (and accompaniment) for ideas and proposals for the real transformation of the spaces and places of our city. From ideas to the network of social relations, communication strategies, fundraising, up to the next start of work.

The call – available on the festival’s website – is designed for groups of citizens, schools, artists and collectives, associations, companies, designers, project holders, budgets and possible supporters. Projects may concern indoor or outdoor spaces, abandoned (or heavily frequented) places, public, collective or private places, gardens, parks, courtyards, residual spaces, underused buildings, kiosks, vacant shops or building covers. A single constraint: that at least one architect is present in the proposing group.

The 12 most interesting proposals are offered participation in a training course that will provide all the tools to build the most appropriate and effective crowdfunding campaign. How crowdfunding works, storytelling and stoytelling, effective use of digital and social tools.

15/01/20 Impactwise 2020 – A new value chain for social impact

Cottino Social Impact Campus, the first center in Europe dedicated to impact education, introduces itself with an international conference and the participation of faculty members who will give shape to the Campus’ life and educational activities, beginning in February 2020

A day-long process of learning and exchange to spark off discussion of a culture of social impact and sustainability, which starts in the Campus but spreads out to cover Italy and the world.

Attendance at the conference is free and open to everyone as long as places remain available (click here for registration)

Torino Social Stock Exchange: design team at work

In October, a design team has been set up to define the feasibility study by benchmarking similar experiences (London, Singapore, New York and Johannesburg), analyzing the market, identifying the listing requirements and the related control processes, delivering the model of financial sustainability.

The working group is composed of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, Borsa Italiana, the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, the International Center for Research on Social Impact Tiresia of the Polytechnic of Milan, the Bocconi University, the University of Turin, the Denegri Foundation and Avanzi, a social company focused on sustainability projects, which already carried out a study on the field in 2009.

Among the possible physical location of the Torino Social Stock Exchange, the former Stock Exchange building of Piazza Valdo Fusi owned by the Turin Chamber of Commerce.

Presentation of the Social Entrepreneurship Observatory and Competence Center for Impact Measurement

On Monday 4th November (11 am-12.30 am) at the Sala Giolitti – Torino Incontra, a press conference will
be held to present the Social Entrepreneurship Observatory and the activities of the Competence Center for
Impact Measurement.

/ Opening
Vincenzo Ilotte, President of the Turin Chamber of Commerce
/ The perspective of Torino Social Impact
Mario Calderini, Full Professor of the Milan Polytechnic, President of the Social Entrepreneurship
Committee and of Torino Social Impact
/ The figures of social entrepreneurship
Alberta Coccimiglio, Turin Chamber of Commerce

/ Guidelines of the Competence Center for Impact Measurement.
Stefania Buffa, Human Foundation

/ The Academic Course on Impact Assessment
Paolo Biancone, Full Professor, University of Turin and member of the Social Entrepreneurship Committee

Presentation of Torino Social Impact Art Award

A shared experimental orientation has led Artissima and Torino Social Impact to organise a project that widens the perimeter of action of social innovation to include contemporary art and culture. Focussing on the visibility of talents from all backgrounds in the Italian contemporary art world, ART AWARD proposes role models capable of making even the most unexpected paths more accessible. The ART AWARD process will be presented at the fair, leading to development starting in November 2019.

ART AWARD is a competition for young talents, an educational project, a residency, and an innovative system of art production, that will premiere at Artissima 2019 during a talk the 3rd of November at 3pm at The Meeting Point.

At the presentation will attend Ilaria Bonacossa – Director of Artissima, Mario Calderini, Polytechnic of Milano, School of Management, Antonio Damasco, Director Rete Italiana Cultura Popolare.

Let’s accellerate

SocialFare, the first Center for Social Innovation in Italy, is promoting two new calls to select the teams that will access the spring 2020 acceleration programs.

  • Design Your Impact #3 for projects to be developed as business opportunities with impact
  • FOUNDAMENTA#9 for social impact startups ready to grow and to attract investment

Deadline applications: 06 January 2020 | socialfare.org/acceleraconnoi  

While joining SocialFare, the teams selected in the summer to participate in the Design Your Impact # 2 and FOUNDAMENTA # 8 programs, the nominations for the next round are already open, respectively the editions # 3 and # 9 of acceleration paths of social impact entrepreneurship.

On Monday, September 23, they were welcomed into Rinascimenti Sociali – the great headquarters in the heart of Turin where SocialFare works, hosts and connects actors and initiatives from the world of Social Innovation: Biova Beer, Functionable, Barot, Aichi, Edafe and Egacomp teams began their first day of acceleration. The Design Your Impact teams, coming from Puglia, Sicily, Abruzzo and Piedmont, will be involved in a 10-day accompanying path that will end in November with an Opportunity Day, while FOUNDAMENTA startups will continue with intensive acceleration up to 23 January 2020, the date on which they will be presented to investors during the Social Impact Investor Day.

To take part in the next edition it is possible to apply until 6 January 2020.


Design Your Impact # 3 is an acceleration program aimed at informal teams, associations, cooperatives, social enterprises with a project idea to be developed in the form of an innovative and impacting business opportunity.

FOUNDAMENTA # 9 is an intensive acceleration program for startups constituted / constituted with a tested prototype or product on the market or companies that stand out for offering a highly innovative product / service.

Both programs are reserved for projects aimed at generating a positive impact on the communities where they interact. Each program makes use of the expertise of a specific team of SocialFare and its network of excellent professionals.




Acceleration of Social Impact projects

5 thematic and practical modules (10 full-time days) in the period September / November 2019 in Turin
Dedicated Acceleration Team
Opportunity Day with the possibility of comparison with our network of professionals
Cash Wallet & Follow on* for the best teams
Free Desk in Social Renaissance, hub and network dedicated to social innovation in the heart of Turin

(*) On the occasion of the Opportunity Day that will close the program, an expert commission may decide to assign a budget (cash wallet) of up to € 2 thousand to some teams for the implementation of agreed actions, as well as to offer the best projects the possibility to directly access the FOUNDAMENTA # 10 Selection Day. In this case, a follow-on period is planned to help the teams in preparing their pitch for the Selection Day.




Acceleration for Social Impact Startups

4 months of full-time residential acceleration
Seed funds up to € 100K cash for each selected company / startup in exchange for equity up to 15% (of which up to 35%, depending on the investment, to be paid to SocialFare for acceleration services)
Dedicated Acceleration Team, mentor and advisor of excellence
Social Impact Acceleration approach developed by SocialFare
Access to 50+ social impact investor network
Free Desk in Social Renaissance, hub and network dedicated to social innovation in the heart of Turin
The program concludes with the Social Impact Investor Day and the opportunity to present itself in front of a prestigious panel of private entities, business angels, private investors and family offices, including the impact investors of the SocialFare Seed vehicle: Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRC , Finde SpA and the Magnetto Foundation.



Our proposal, innovative and unique in Italy, is born thanks to the expertise gained by the SocialFare teams – together with the network of excellent professionals who work with us – on multiple levels.

The SocialFare Startup Acceleration Team boasts 8 business acceleration programs, with 50 startups selected from over 840 applications received through the FOUNDAMENTA calls. 4 million euros in funding raised by accelerated startups, with results growing in the last year with financing rounds closed in particular by Synapta, Epicura and Wher (press release here: www.socialfare.org/rassegnastampa).

Design Your Impact Design Your Impact is a knowledge acceleration path designed and tested by SocialFare from 2017 – with the first experiments on the territories of Turin and Cuneo – in order to share and systemize the skills acquired by including in the acceleration proposal a wider range of subjects engaged in innovative planning with a social impact: not just startups and companies ready to scale-up, but also business idea and project realities at a different stage in the path of creating a business with social impact.

The turning point of Sustainability and the role of Social Innovation

People | Impact | Growth.
EXAR Social Value Solutions will moderate a meeting in Turin focused on Green Economy, Social Impact, Innovation Technology and Impact Finance.

The Green Economy issue will be dealt with by Wave for Energy, a spin-off of the Politecnico di Torino, a leader in the design and construction of systems for the production of electricity from sea waves. And with Reale Group we will talk about the evolution of sustainability with the Power Coders project. A computer training school for refugees, the only reality of its kind in Italy and Piedmont. Banca Mediolanum will be present for the Innovation Technology sector. While, for the Social Impact sector, the non-profit Hackability will be involved, born in Turin in 2016, which, through co-planning and digital fabrication, produces social inclusion and participation. To close the circle we will talk about Impact Finance with Professor Mario Calderini who will speak for Torino Social Impact.

The event will take place Saturday, 09/28/2019 from 9.00 to 13.00 at Nuvola Lavazza, Turin.

For more information, complete program and reservations:

With Reseau Entreprendre Piemonte, Porto Antico di Genova, Topcon, Iren Energia.


Course about Competences for Social Innovation at Open Incet

Open Incet – Open Innovation Center Turin, in collaboration with the Giacomo Brodolini Foundation and its partners, thanks to the contribution of Compagnia di San Paolo, promote a program aimed at supporting the evolution of the Third Sector towards sustainable social innovation models : the Course on Competences for Social Innovation.

The objective is twofold, on the one hand creating a new professional figure, the Chief Social Innovation Officer (CSIO), on the other hand learning from the experiences and needs of the Third Sector to contribute to increase their impact through the construction of new competences and organization skills. It is necessary for the Third Sector too to invest in human capital to generate new ideas and possible applications of new technologies, to overcome management difficulties and to progress in the evolution towards sustainable social innovation models.

The program provides a joint training of a selected group of young talents from the territory together with the representatives of Third Sector organizations that want to experiment with models of social innovation service; the combination of a young talent with one of the organizations participating in the program to co-design these new models together; the accompaniment of these innovations so that they “take root” within the host organizations; the creation of a community of social innovators that can feed a virtuous circuit of projects on the territory. Specifically, the program intends to:

  • define and train a new professional figure, the Chief Social Innovation Officer (CSIO), who can work on changing the models of the third sector “from within”;
  • to facilitate the meeting between this new professional figure and local organizations that intend to innovate their business and service models; support the work of the first CSIO group through mentoring and organizing “peer learning” moments;
  • to connect the CSIO group to the international circuit of social innovation to accelerate learning and the construction of a network of support and exchange.The program is aimed at:

    – young people aged between 23 and 35 years, interested in working in the Third Sector or in starting their own entrepreneurial activity in the field of social innovation;

    – various types of Third Sector organizations (Associations, Cooperatives, Consortia, Social Enterprises, etc.) that intend to start an innovation path that will lead them to experiment with new business and service models and to the application of new technologies.

    The course will start with a first part of classroom training, which will have an estimated duration of 160h in three months. The 60 individual participants and 30 representatives of the organizations involved will participate in the training. Participants will be provided with training aimed at understanding social innovation processes intended as a response to the need to satisfy emerging social needs with economically sustainable models, and at understanding the levers of organizational change. The training will have an experiential slant, to encourage active participation and learning based on the study of cases, visits, witnesses, simulations, group work, project work and workshops.

    The classroom training part will be followed a 3 months period of project work.At the end of this phase, through a process of evaluation (in two phases), conducted by the project team with the support of the mentors, the 5 most mature solutions will be identified to continue with a path of “accompaniment to growth”, which will consist of activities of :• support for focusing on the service and / or business model;• support in the preparation of a feasibility study that integrates all the dimensions (organizational, market, technological and economic) necessary for growth;• scouting for funding opportunities and supporting the drafting of proposals for candidates;• meeting with potential investors and lenders and supporting the investment / financing request.

UIA: thanks to TO-nite project 5M€ in Turin for social innovation ideas focused on urban security

Through UIA (Urban Innovative Actions), the European Union has awarded Turin 4.600.000 euros that will be invested by the Local Administration to implement a program focused on urban security through the redevelopment and recovery of degraded areas and the activation of technological and social innovation projects to guarantee higher levels of social cohesion and civil coexistence.

TO-nite project is supported by the City of Turin as the main partner, in partnership with SocialFare, Fondazione Wireless, Experientia, Engineering, European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS), Espereal Technologies and ANCI.

The City of Turin is one of the few cities in Europe to have twice won European funding for the Urban Innovative Actions program: already in 2016 the City was awarded the prestigious UIA funding with the Co-City project, focused on fighting poverty and degradation in the most fragile parts of the city, in particular in actions of social innovation and environmental redevelopment, making it possible to activate development paths for the co-production of services and the creation of companies linked to welfare.

To-nite is characterized by multidisciplinary solutions and actions to better understand urban social phenomena and to tackle the problems deriving from a perception of insecurity. In particular, the project will direct its action to experiment with services that extend even at night in areas of different density, accessibility and attractiveness.

Read the article on UIA website:


Read the press release of the City of Turin:





MatchAbilityDay: save the date!

The recent regional provisions have opened up new possibilities for collaboration between companies and non-profit cooperatives. In order to better understand what is provided for by the legislation and to ensure that the new measure is on the one hand known by the interested parties, on the other hand, used by companies in the best way, there is MatchAbilityDay.

Art. 14 within Biagi Law states that companies may not hire disabled workers directly, but contract a type B social cooperative that will hire workers. Therefore, MatchAbilityDay wants to facilitate contact between companies with work placement obligations and type B social cooperatives. It is a business to business networking event for the realization of collaboration opportunities.

The inclusion of disabled workers can be critical for both workers and companies. The aim of the event is to transform a legal obligation into a great opportunity for both. The company can convert a legal provision into economic value and into services with high added value, workers can be included in the job market and improve their quality of life.

This first edition of MatchAbilityDay will take place on 26 September 2019 at Open Incet, Piazza Teresa Noce 17, Turin. Participation is free. Details on the program and event registration will follow.

The initiative is organized by Confcooperative Piemonte Nord, in collaboration with Torino Social Impact and Anfas Piemonte, with Studio Marino as a technical partner and with the contribution of the Turin Chamber of Commerce. MatchAbilityDay received the patronage of the City of Turin and Piedmont Region.

Impact Prototypes Labs. The Memorandum of Understanding signed today.

Cottino Social Impact Campus launches Impact Prototypes Labs (IPLabs). The Memorandum of Understanding was signed today, with the aim of activating an experimental training offer for #SMEs in order to support them in developing prototype solutions with a Social Impact. Thus, SMEs will reinforce their ability to develop enterprises towards contemporary social challenges and to seize the new opportunities that the next #InvestEU programming will provide.

The first path of entrepreneurial transformation for SMEs in the North West  of Italy will be carried out with the Cottino Foundation, Unicredit North West, Turin Polytechnic, Turin Industrial Union and the Turin Chamber of Commerce.

A strong alliance for SocialFare

Giuseppini del Murialdo, Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione Denegri Social Venture to let SocialFare grow.

– Read the News –

Turin, June 2019 – It’s official: Compagnia di San Paolo and Denegri Social Venture Foundation enter the capital of SocialFare, born in Turin in 2013. The two investors agreed to support the development of SocialFare which have a strong focus on the acceleration of social impact knowledge and entrepreneurship.

Thanks to financial support and expertise of Compagnia di San Paolo and Denegri Foundation, SocialFare will be able to scale innovative solutions to the most pressing social challenges, develop research and experimentation in public-private partnerships, accelerate capacity building for the social impact and impact startups. The entire SocialFare ecosystem will be able to grow nationally and internationally, strengthening Turin as a reference city for social innovation and impact investing.

Congregazione dei Giuseppini del Murialdo wanted to found SocialFare in order to give concrete answers to the challenges that the economic crisis and youth unemployment have made emerge in a dramatic and new way – tells Don Danilo Magni representing the Congregation. – With SocialFare the “Murialdini” have understood and intend to update, with the Social innovation approach, their own mission in favour of young people in different contexts, with particular attention to education, work and the enhancement of communities. In this context, the contributions of entrepreneurial know-how and financial capacity of the new members, Compagnia di San Paolo and Denegri Social Venture Foundation, together with the educational approach of the Congregation, can give an important and further boost to the identity and to the mission of SocialFare”.

“Compagnia di San Paolo has built over the years an integrated supply chain in the field of sustainable social enterprise,” – said Alberto Anfossi, General Secretary of Compagnia di San Paolo supporting Nesta Italia and Open Incet, from Impact Hub to the three-year agreement to favor of Torino Social Impact, recently signed with the Chamber of Commerce of Turin.

In the first place, our model is based on the use of supply and investment tools, as well as systemic action with respect to the formation of the Turin and Piedmontese eco-system. The objective of Compagnia di San Paolo is to build a chain of social innovation that, starting from the activities of accelerating knowledge and accelerating business, leads social impact organizations to achieve sustainability and in some cases to become attractive to private capital. The Company’s investment in SocialFare is part of this chain, alongside interventions such as the Seed call for tenders and investments already made in SocialFare Seed and in the Oltre Venture fund.

In the past, our Foundation supported SocialFare by providing a startup grant; the growth and the first positive results of the model led the Company, alongside important investors, to capitalize with € 1.6 million a vehicle to seed the accelerated startups (SocialFare Seed srl) and then to develop the hypothesis of acquiring, in collaboration with the Denegri Social Venture Foundation, the control of SocialFare. The objective of the acquisition by the Company is to move from a logic of supply support to a capital investment one shared with important financial actors to support the growth of the social accelerator in a logic of professionalism and openness to the market “.

“We believe our entry into the social capital of SocialFare is a significant and consistent result for the newly founded Denegri Social Venture Foundation – states Corrado Ferretti, Vice President of the Foundationwhose work is far from mere disbursement but focuses on operations that combine entrepreneurial skills with initiatives capable of concretely transforming society. There is no coincidence that this synergy was born in Turin, a city that for years has been a promoter of a profound transformation in the way of doing business. The big goal – continues Ferretti – is to make SocialFare a point of reference at European level, a goal that can only be achieved by combining entrepreneurial skills, financial capital, and opportunity networks of all those involved.”

Laura Orestano, CEO of SocialFare, expressed the satisfaction of the whole SocialFare team – which is characterized by a strong female and under-35 component – and by the many partners who have come to join them into Social Renaissance, “hoping that this renewed structure could be the starting line for a model of social and financial convergence essential for accelerating know-how and innovative solutions in terms of models, services and products relevant to the company. This approach is necessary, at local and national level, also for a new development policy that focuses on people, territories and communities with their expert knowledge and their entrepreneurial potential and sustainable innovation. “

Evaluating social impact: a day for debate

On Tuesday 9th July, at Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin, the key players of social innovation gathered to discuss about the importance and the benefits of evaluating social impact on the occasion of two different events.

During the morning, Torino Social Impact in partnership with Social Value Italia held a conference concerning the process of evaluating social impact from the perspective of great donors. Speakers from the main italian philantropic organisations, foundations as well as public and private institutions – Camera di commercio di Torino, Università Cattolica di Milano, Human Foundation, Impresa Sociale Con i bambini, Fondazione Zancan, KPMG, Fondazione Unipolis, Fondo Beneficenza Intesa San Paolo, Fondazione Alta Mane, Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT- shared their experiences and methods. 

From the different speeches a series of commonalities emerged: first of all, the problem of establishing a standard for evaluation, since each project has its own peculiar content and context. Thus, considering those features in the process of evaluating social impact has been pointed as the primary best practice. Secondly, most of the speakers highlighted that the process of evaluating social impact can be a useful tool for donors: for example, to consider the scale and quality of their actions, to reflect critically about their operations, deducing both their mistakes and achievements; moreover, to strengthen the relationships with the partners.

In the afternoon, Torino Social Impact and Social Impact Agenda per l’Italia presented the position paper Progettare l’Innovazione Sociale: impact investing e fondi UE” curated by Pwc and Human Foundation. The object of this second debate was, instead, the importance of social impact oriented investments by public administrations, considering the potential of their actions on the local territory. Representatives from the European Commission and some of the key stakeholders from the Piedmont region – Camera di commercio di TorinoRegione Piemonte, Finpiemonte, Fondazione CRT, Compagnia di San Paolo, Legacoop Piemonte, Confcooperative Piemonte Nord – stressed the need to foster partnerships between the public sector, companies and the human capital represented by local organisations and citizens, to create and manage innovative solutions for social issues. 


Turin will host the 7th Edition of the European Social Innovation Competition Academy

The 2019 Academy of the European Social Innovation Competition is due to kick off in the Italian city of Turin next week. The 3-days educational and networking event, starting on 16 July, has become a highlight of the social innovation calendar in Europe – each year it brings industry experts into contact with some of Europe’s most promising social entrepreneurs.

Last month, the European Commission announced the 30 participants, from 19 countries, who were chosen to attend the Academy of the European Social Innovation Competition. These ‘Semi-Finalists’ were selected from 543 applicants from across Europe and they will be trained through workshops delivered by experienced social innovators and articulated around four key topics: innovation, impact, sustainability and scale.

On the occasion of this important initiative, Nesta Italia organizes the public event “The Future of European Social Innovation”. During the event, industry leaders will gather to discuss the state-of-the-art of social innovation at the local level and the success stories of the European Social Innovation Competition. Some of the key players in the innovation world will be asked to discuss important issues related to climate change and, more generally, how social innovation can support a positive and systematic change in today’s society.

The event will be held on 17 July at the Le Musichall Theater in Turin. Registration and more information at this link.

Launched in memory of social innovation pioneer Diogo Vasconcelos, the European Social Innovation Competition is a challenge prize run by the European Commission across all EU Member States and Horizon 2020 associated countries. Now in its 7th year, the Competition acts as a beacon for social innovators in Europe, employing a proven methodology for supporting early-stage ideas and facilitating a network of radical innovators shaping society for the better. Each year the Competition addresses a different issue facing Europe. This year the focus is: Challenging Plastic Waste.

The Competition is organised by the European Commission with support from Nesta, Kennisland, Ashoka Spain, the European Network of Living Labs and Scholz & Friends.

End of the course on Competences for Social Innovation

The closing date of the course Skills for social innovation is coming: it ends on July 19th, when the selected teams will present the results of the project they worked on with their mentors in a short two-minute pitch each.

The day has a rich program and it will begin with the workshop “Exploring possible futures”, organized by Alberto Robiati, Director of the Human + Foundation.

The workshop aims to take a look at possible future developments, both individual and collective. This is a work on “Futures Thinking”  which is useful for creating a mentality capable of generating innovation processes and producing shared strategic and motivating visions for a team, an organization, a community.

In the afternoon, the presentation of the projects in front of a qualified jury will be held, followed by a moment of reflection.

The winning team will receive a € 1500 prize!

Social Crowdfunding Academy: second edition of the Call

The City of Turin has launched the second edition of the call that aims to encourage the generation, development, testing and implementation of innovative projects with a social impact by offering third sector actors support in building crowdfunding campaigns based on online collection of micro -Donations.

The Call is divided into two phases: during the first phase (application deadline: 10 September 2019) it will be possible to apply to the Social Crowdfunding Academy, a training course aimed at acquiring all the necessary skills on the subject. Among the participants, 6 projects will be selected for the second phase: those projects will be accompanied and supported for the implementation of their crowdfunding campaign.

The call and the application form are available here.

During the first edition of the call, 48 teams had been selected and admitted to the Social Crowdfunding Academy in June and July 2018. The project “Colori Vivi” by the non-profit organization Article 10 at the end of June has succesfully launched its first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on 28 June 2019. The remaining 5 projects will launch their campaigns at the end of September 2019.

The service is implemented as part of PON METRO – measure 3.3.1.b and implemented by the European Crowdfunding Center based in Incet, Turin.

InnovAree: towards a Mountain Impact Fund

Turin, June 2019 – The Report 2017-19 Vado a vivere in montagna (“I go to live in the mountains”) by Collegio Carlo Alberto and SocialFare in collaboration with Accademia delle Alte Terre and UNCEM within InnovAree, is online. A project intended to support and encourage the enhancement of inland areas as a place of life and work, beyond the vision of a mountain “hit and run” to contemplate over the weekend.

The accompanying service was offered free of charge to 100 beneficiaries. Who contacted and asked for the service? They are people with a job position and a high educational qualification, but they are looking for a change of life – said Andrea Membretti, sociologist, who followed the project’s beneficiaries – they mainly require credit and not a grant.

There is knowledge, there is experimentation, there are models and communities but above all, there is a question. What has returned several times is to do things together, hybridizing resources – added Laura Orestano, CEO of SocialFare.

From “I go to live in the mountains” to “Come and live in the mountains”

The opportunity scenario is fragmented, the new version of the project aims to create accessibility, accompaniment, supply chain in a contextual way, highlighting the mountain as a resource of social as well as environmental value – continues Laura Orestano – There may be a hybrid financing that accompanies the social value of the high lands as new places for sustainable development?

This opens up new scenarios for InnovAree, which from 2019, with the collaboration of the municipalities and the G.A.L. of some Piedmontese territories, launches the new service “Come and live in the mountains” to support the settlement in the “welcoming valleys” of the region and launches an important challenge for investors: the creation of a Mountain Impact Fund as an investment tool.

Innovation and inclusion in Torino: the City of Torino’s Implementation Plan for Urb-Inclusion european project

The City of Torino presented the Implementation Plan that illustrates the initiatives in support of social innovation activated in two years of work, in the framework of the European project Urb-Inclusion.

It’s a vast complex of interventions, financed by the European and regional structural funds

Torino Social Factory (Pon Metro 3.3.1a):
involves 25 organisations with 12 selected projects and €1.4 million invested
European Crowdfunding Center (Pon Metro 3.3.1c):
has activated 48 organisations, six projects and a budget of 50,000 euros
 Co-City – Uia (Urban Innovative Actions):
involves 213 organizations, 63 projects and 5.1 million euros invested to activate “Patti di collaborazione”.
AxTO Azioni per le periferie torinesi:
three actions to support innovative projects in the social field (3.03), environmental (3.02) and cultural (4.01),
with the involvement of 129 organisations, 37 projects with a total investment of €1.3 million

Download implementation plan at this link

The challenge of impact assessment for big donors

Social Value Italia and Torino Social Impact organize the event The challenge of impact assessment for big donors, on 9 July at 9:30 AM at Collegio Carlo Alberto Foundation in Turin.

The goal of the talk is to think about the relationship between evaluation and big donors. The resources deployed by philanthropic subjects in various sectors of welfare and the social sphere, allow the experimentation of innovative projects and models with a high social impact, with important implications with respect to the way in which the Public Institutions face old and new social challenges.

Impact assessment thus becomes a fundamentally important tool for big donors’ projects, since it allows discussion of the reproducibility and scalability of sustainable and innovative ideas.

The meeting is also an opportunity to explore and learn about virtuous experiences of projects capable of generating high social impact.

More information and registration at this link.

In addition to Social Value Italia and Torino Social Impact, other actors will be present: Turin Chamber of Commerce, Catholic University of Milan, Human Foundation, Impresa Sociale Con i bambini, Fondazione Zancan, KPMG, Fondazione Unipolis, Fondo Beneficenza Intesa San Paolo, Fondazione Altamane and Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT.

Social impact investments in the new European Commission’s programming

Social Impact Agenda together with Torino Social Impact will organize an event on 9 July with the presence of the European Commission, Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs, to present the position paper “Designing Social Innovation: impact investing and EU funds” by PwC and Human Foundation.

Social impact investments base on innovative business models with a high social impact, without renouncing to the economic income that every enterprise aims to generate. These models, applied to sectors such as welfare, enable collaboration between public and private actors in order to answer to emerging social needs. During the past European programming, impact financial instruments were born. The presentation of the position paper will be the occasion to describe them but also to describe the mechanisms provided by InvestEU to support initiatives that are capable of producing a tangible social impact on the territories.

Information available at this link, while here you can register for the event, which will take place at the Collegio Carlo Alberto Foundation in Turin at 3.00 PM on 9 July 2019.

Other participants: Turin Chamber of Commerce, Piemonte Regione, Finpiemonte, Fondazione CRT, Compagnia di San Paolo, Legacoop Piemonte, Confcooperative Piemonte Nord, Human Foundation and PwC.

Community Networks

The City of Turin, Liberitutti, Triciclo and Brains Capital are pleased to organize a workshop to discuss – together with social cooperatives, social workers and companies – the value generated by community networks.

During the afternoon inspirational talks, workshops and case studies will alternate and the results of the European project Urb-Inclusion and the implementation plan of the social and urban innovation actions of the City of Turin will be presented.

The projects Glocal Factory and Tricircolo Reuse Center by Liberitutti and Triciclo. Those projects are funded by Pon Metro within Torino Social Factory program.

Registration on eventbrite page.


13.45 – Registration
14.00 – Institutional welcome by Paola Pisano, Deputy Mayor on Innvation, City of Turin
14.15 – Presentation of Urb-Inclusion results and City of Turin’s social innovation action plan
14.30 – Matteo Bartolomeo, Avanzi
14.45 – Daniele Caccherano, Liberitutti
15.10 – Federico Disegni, Brains Capital
15.30 – Glocal Factory and Tricircolo Reuse Center projects presetnation
15.50 – Veronica Magli – Ginevra Sarfatti
16.15 – Confrontation among actors

An urban redevelopment and social inclusion project: Mufant introduces itself to the city

Mufant, Museum of Science Fiction, organizes a day of celebration (Sunday, June 16) and opens the doors to the city to present the initiatives it has promoted within the social enterprise sector: social works not only through the activation of volunteers but also with a business approach, fostering well-being and innovation, new jobs and quality of life. It happens in partnership with the social cooperative Altra Mente and thanks to the participation to the calls promoted by the City of Turin as part of the Pon Metro Program 2014-2020 / Turin Social Factory, Co -City Turin and AxTO.

A huge statue of Dr. Frankenstein will be the first sign of an urban transformation within the public housing neighborhood in Via Reiss Romoli. Mufant’s imagination power will flow out of the museum in order to create an outside “square of the imaginary” and nine monuments dedicated to those who have been able to create a synthesis between narration and science, playing with the stimuli of science to create futuristic and utopian visions.

Purpose of the Mufant is to restore beauty and vitality to a suburb that can become a site of tourism attraction. The construction of a Fantastic Theme Park in the square adjacent to the museum also includes other redevelopment projects promoted by Co-City Torino and co-designed with residents, including the dedication of the public garden in memory of Riccardo Valla, an important Turin protagonist of Italian science fiction culture.

The making of the Park is part of Loving the Alien, a project – currently in the start-up phase – promoted by the Social Cooperative Altra Mente and the museum, supported by Pon Metro funds in the context of Torino Social Factory, an initiative of the Department of Innovation of the City of Turin created to support social innovation projects through an accompanying path and financial support.

Loving the Alien also activated two workshops that involve more than twenty people, some of whom are in conditions of social distress. The decisive moment of the project will be (Spring 2020) the organization of a Fantastic Festival right in the redeveloped Park, an annual event that will open to the world of urban regeneration and social inclusion experiences. A crowdfunding campaign is going to be launched in order to support the creation of the festival.

Sunday 16 June’s program is available on the Mufant website.

Crowd Mapping with Kimap!

Torino Social Impact presents its first experimentation in town: Kimap!

Kimap is an app-navigator for the mobility of disabled people, developed by the Florentine start-up Kinoa.

Kimap application can be downloaded for free on smartphones and can be used all over the world. During the use of Kimap, the data from the smartphone’s sensors are automatically detected, allowing any irregularity and slope of the terrain to be mapped. All information collected in real time by users is processed automatically by the navigator who learns to recognize the easiest routes for a disabled person to drive along the best route based on accessibility, time and distance. With Kimap it is also possible to make manual reports of obstacles, architectural barriers, demanding slopes and points of interest to improve the maps. Kimap adopt the artificial intelligence technology and it is an excellent example of combination between technology and social issues.

A crowd mapping session will be held on Saturday 22 June 2019. It consists of a gathering of people with physical disabilities who, once equipped with Kimap app, will start the live mapping of the city of Turin, starting from the center, to track its accessibility. Results will be presented within the Italian Tech Week’s framework, during the week following the mapping (in particular during the “Impact-Ability” event on June 27, 2019).

Take part in the Crowd Mapping!

For registration and event agenda click here.

Event organized in collaboration with Nesta Italia and with the contribution of Turin Chamber of Commerce.

VISIONI. Social Impact Assessment: opportunities and difficulties

VISIONI (“Visions”) is a seminar for social and cultural operators, third sector organizations and evaluation technicians.

Why a seminar on the evaluation of social impact starting from the experiences of a Turin network that has experienced this directly?

Speaking of social impact today, on the eve of the third sector reform, calls for academic theories, models of change, measurements and reporting requests for political and economic stakeholders. But it also means that professional and competent operators in building relationships with different recipients, skilled in moving between complex projects and complex partnerships, prepared to respond to communication and budget management needs, must prepare themselves to measure the effects and effectiveness that the their organizations produce within the community, profiling monitoring systems that involve the beneficiaries themselves. And it happens that this enterprise clashes with attempts to bring people together, to make the dynamic and light spaces of coexistence easy, with the risk of intervening on the spontaneity of certain relationships.

Therefore, it is a seminar to start an exchange of practices and images, emphasizing the difficulties encountered, the limits glimpsed, but also the opportunities encountered.


When: 26 June 2019 – 9.00 – 18.00

Where: Hub Cecchi Point – via Cecchi 17, Turin

The program in online: http://www.retecasedelquartiere.org/programma-visioni/


The seminar is a project from the Network of Houses in the Turin district, together with Rete 14 Luglio, Ufficio Pio, Chamber of Commerce of Turin, within Torino Social Impact, with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo and Città di Torino. With the collaboration of Euricse and the sponsorship of Assifero.

The Public Notice of the City of Turin for the Social Innovation Fund is now online

5 June 2019 – The City of Turin published the Public Notice for the selection of the partnership and for the candidacy of a social inclusion project, in the context of the call for proposals, dated 5 April 2019, by the Department of Public Function on the Social Innovation Fund, that was presented in Turin on 18 April 2019.

The main objective of the national call for proposals is to promote models of social innovation, in order to achieve the final goal of a system change through a new approach to the development of services by the municipalities, as well as to establish new forms of relationships between public and private subjects, in a logic of co-creation of the services, where the elements of scalability and repeatability serve as main principles of the project proposals.

The project proposals can relate to one of the following three areas of intervention: social inclusion, cultural animation, school dropout. The City of Turin intends to apply for admission to funding for the first type of intervention, which concerns social inclusion, and for this purpose it has decided to launch a public selection and consultation procedure available at this link.

Considering that the guidelines of the national public notice require that the experimental projects of social innovation must include, in addition to the involvement of a service provider and a private investor or financier, also of an evaluator, the City intends to make use of the proven skills in the evaluation and measurement of the social impact offered by the Center for Impact Assesment of the Turin Chamber of Commerce, which guarantees appropriate levels of independence and reliability, given that it is a public body, a third party and a promoter together with the City of Turin of the platform Turin Social Impact.

The City intends to promote an experimental and innovative program of interventions, according to the model of social impact finance and improving its administrative capacity. The experimental design idea will have to focus on the sub-theme of affordable housing, placing the citizen and his social needs at the project’s center, so as to deal more effectively with the complexity and interrelations of the urban challenges posed by the groups disadvantaged or vulnerable.

More info and full text here.

eHealth & Ecosystem International Seminar – Save The Date 19/06/2019

In the framework of the Interreg Europe ecoRIS3 – Policies & Measures to Support Local & Regional Innovation Ecosystems project,  the Metropolitan City of Turin organize the Seminar

“eHealth & Ecosystem” 

Torino 19th June 2019 – Molecular Biotechnology Center, via Nizza 52.

The Seminar is the opportunity to present and discuss the ehealth topic in the framework of the RIS3 and to share on the role of new technologies in the health field as a driving force for the local development of territories and for the creation of startups and innovative enterprises.

Registrations:  https://ecoris3.eventbrite.co.uk

Download the Agenda

Impact-Ability: Torino Social Impact’s event for the Italian Tech Week

Within the rich schedule of the Italian Tech Week, which will be held in Turin from 24 to 30 June 2019, Torino Social Impact is promoting the event Impact-Ability, organized in collaboration with Reale Mutua and Il Sole 24 Ore.

The impact economy is a new entrepreneurial and financial paradigm that, through the overcoming of the traditional notion of social responsibility, aims to implement initiatives with a high social impact and capable of exercising a transformative force in society. This revolution is interpreted by a new generation of companies that know how to combine the ability to intentionally produce positive social impacts with sustainability and the economic and financial profitability of their initiatives.

The seminar has the ambition to understand in what form the cooperation and competition between third sector subjects, traditional for-profit companies and financial investors can foster the emergence of new models of entrepreneurship capable of responding to the great emerging social challenges along new development trajectories that integrate innovation and sustainability.

During the event, three panels will be held:

– In the first panel, profit companies will be asked to tell how they interpret the challenge to social impact.

– During the second panel, technology-intensive social enterprises will tell their success stories.

– During the third panel, the word will pass to investors, who will explain what factors can determine whether or not they support tech4impact projects.

A radical and systemic approach at the same time, which highlights how it is possible to merge social impact objectives with the use of advanced technological models but also how enabling ecosystems may favor the birth and development of new business models based on these objectives.

The eventi will be an occasion to present and present selected projects with a social and technological impact and a moment of encounter with protagonists of the national and international impact investing scene.

Afterwards, visit to the Reale Mutua Historical Museum.

The event will be held at the Reale Mutua Auditorium, in Via Bertola 48C. To register, please complete the form at the following link.

Italian Tech Week: 35 days left

Over a month from its beginning, the Italian Tech Week program has been enriched and we are event closer to the series of events that from June 24th to 30th 2019 will bring together Italian and European excellences committed to building the future of business and society.

The program was presented today in Turin, at Castello del Valentino, by Gianmaria Ajani, Rector of the University of Turin; Chiara Appendino, Mayor of Turin; Andrea Griva, Vice-President of SEI – School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Vincenzo Ilotte, President of the Turin Chamber of Commerce; Paolo Mulassano, Chief Innovation Officer of the Compagnia di San Paolo; Matteo Pessione, Chief Operating Officer of OGR, CRT Foundation; Giancarlo Rocchietti, President of the Investors Club and Guido Saracco, Rector of the Polytechnic of Turin.

The Italian Tech Week is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development and it has received the patronage of the Piedmont Region and the City of Turin. It will take place in dozens of different places and will involve thousands of people including students, startuppers, business angels, investors, venture capital fund managers, researchers, teachers and in general all those who are interested in technologies and their applications.

The planned initiatives are all for free and they have different access and participation methods: conferences, workshops, meetings with innovative entrepreneurs, moments of discussion with investors, venture capital fund managers and business angels, start-up presentations and scale-up presentations, exhibition of advanced technologies, seminars for students and professionals, debates with the protagonists of the global tech entrepreneurship scene and workshops for children.

Among the latest news:
– The Week will open with a light show based on choreographic evolutions made with the use of drones and other technologies, organized by the city of Turin for the patronal feast of St. John. On this occasion, around 50 ITW volunteers will be present in the audience to explain the show’s high tech news and contents of the week.
– At the end of the week, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 June at Toolbox and theFabLab in Turin, 250 persons will give life to the Italian Tech WeekEnd, the largest innovative project ever attempted in Italy: 48 hours no stop to design and create a tech idea that answers to a real problem. Divided into 3 groups (product, business and communication) and coordinated by SEIplus, the SEI alumni association, they will put themselves to the test with an experience of concrete innovation and attention to the social dimension.

Reale Mutua and Torino Social Impact organize the event Impact-Ability, in collaboration with Il Sole24Ore, Lavazza and Dynamo Camp, a debate between traditional for-profit companies, innovators, financial investors and third sector organizations to discuss how to combine the ability to intentionally produce positive social impacts and to generate economic and financial profitability. An opportunity to understand how technological experimentation and hybridization of skills can contribute to developing business models able to respond to social challenges by integrating innovation and economic sustainability. Registration at this link.

The first edition of the ITW – which aims to enrich the Italian panorama of major events scheduled every year – has already received the support of about 50 Italian and European players from the world of technology, culture, business and innovation. Among them: Amazon Web Services, Amiat, Argotec, ASI, Avio Aero, Baker Hughes-GE, CLN, Collège des Ingénieurs, Diasorin, Eataly, Edison, ENEL, ENI, FabLab Torino, FCA, Ferrero, Fondazione Agnelli, Fresenius, GM, Google, HiPay, I3P, 2I3T, Intesa Sanpaolo, IREN, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italdesign, Johnson & Johnson Innovation & Janssen Italy, Lavazza, Leonardo, Marelli, Menarini, Netval, Novamont, Oval Money, Premio Marzotto, Reale Mutua, Reply, Sant’Anna Fonti di Vinadio, SNAM, Smat, Takeda, Talent Garden, Thales Alenia, Toolbox, UniCredit e altri.

Full info on www.italiantechweek.org

ITW is a non-profit project promoted by the Turin Chamber of Commerce, the Investors Club, Compagnia di San Paolo, CRT Foundation, LINKS Foundation, OGR, Turin Polytechnic, School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SEI), Torino Social Impact, Industrial Union of Turin and University of Turin: 11 associations and institutions in the Turin area that have the objective of strengthening the territorial ecosystem of innovation, while offering opportunities for discussion, learning and reflection at national and European level. With their contribution, the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT allow the realization of the project, together with the main corporate sponsor Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane.

Climate Change and Circular Economy: the call Design Your Impact is open

Design Your Impact is a program by SocialFare | Centro per l’Innovazione Sociale aimed at accelerating knowledge and practical skills in social innovation: the selected teams are offered a path for the preliminary planning for business start-up and a unique opportunity to take advantage of the support of a network of professionals and experts of the sector.

The call to participate in Design Your Impact # 2 Innovation Projects for Climate Action is available on:


Deadline for applications: 2 June 2019

Possono candidarsi team informali, cooperative, imprese sociali, associazioni con una soluzione innovativa in risposta alle sfide del cambiamento climatico (in riferimento all’ SDG n. 13 “Climate Action”). Anche le progettualità di Economia Circolare contribuiscono alla sostenibilità del pianeta e alla sfera d’azione di contrasto agli effetti del cambiamento climatico, pertanto sono da considerarsi valide ai fini della candidatura e della partecipazione al programma.

Informal groups, cooperatives, social enterprises and associations with an innovative solution can respond to the challenge (with reference to SDG No. 13 “Climate Action”). Also projects regarding Circular Economy contribute to the sustainability of the planet, therefore they are to be considered valid for the purposes of the application and participation in the program.

Social Fare offers to the selected teams:

5 thematic modules (10 full-time days) in September / November 2019 in Turin with a dedicated acceleration team
Opportunity Day with the possibility of connection with our network of professionals
Cash Wallet & Follow on for the best team.

+ Free desks in Social Renaissance, the coworking space dedicated to social innovation in the heart of Turin.

The 1st edition of “Accelerate with SocialFare”, launched in October 2018 with two calls (Design Your Impact #1 and FOUNDAMENTA #7) ended on 6 January 2019 with 230 applications from all over the world.

The selected team, respectively 6 projects for Design Your Impact #1 and 4 startups within FOUNDAMENTA #7, are currently into the acceleration process in Social Renaissance.


How can we use words to create a social impact? In fact, through narration, it is possible to change the way in which we relate to some problems. By telling stories we can create empathy and approach a problem, which when looked closely, in a personal way, becomes often also ours. Most impact and non-profit organizations have now recognized how crucial storytelling is for their communication in fundraising campaigns and more.


With the “Impact Hub Workbench” workshops we want to set up your work desk with the right tools and knowledge to build, shape and develop your impact business! To do this, we collaborate with important companies and professionals in the sector.


h 18.00: Welcome

h 18.15: Workbench | Social Storytelling

h 19.15: Q&A

h 19.30: Networking

h 20.00: Check-out

Participation to the Workbench is free, but it is better to reserva a seat on Eventbrite.

The new agreement between Turin Polytechnic and Cottino Foundation

The agreement between Turin Polytechnic and Giovanni and Annamaria Cottino Foundation officially starts.

The Rector Guido Saracco: “We will build together the first campus dedicated to Impact Education: it will be the heart of the innovative teaching of our University and of the Foundation, but it will also be an iconic building, somehow impacting itself. We are now aware that only thanks to the contamination with external subjects we will be able to train the engineers of the future and this collaboration with one of our former students as illustrious as the engineer Giovanni Cottino, whom I thank for having chosen us for his project, is an example that makes us more and more certain that this is the right direction to undertake “.

Eng. Giovanni Cottino, after signing the agreement: “Developing an ecosystem in which training, research and social impact dialogue with each other to generate new knowledge and values for a more equitable and sustainable future is a key project of our Foundation. Being able to do it through the Cottino Social Impact Campus at the Politecnico di Torino, bringing our vision and investing our resources, is certainly a great satisfaction for me. I thank the Rector Prof. Guido Saracco and his staff for showing sensitivity and ability to interpret a future that places new hybrid skills at the center of sustainable development “.

Italian Tech Week: press conference

The Italian Tech Week press conference will be held on Monday 20 May at 12.00 at the Salone d’Onore of Castello del Valentino (Viale Mattioli, 39 – Turin).

Over a month from the beginning (24-30 June 2019), the promoters of the Italian Tech Week present to the press the contents of the initiative: dozens of events related to technology and innovation – spread throughout the Turin area and organized by about 30 public and private subjects – concentrated during the same week. The program includes events aimed at a professional audience, training opportunities and moments of confrontation for anyone interested in understanding the new development possibilities offered by technology applied to industry and to services, in the social, educational and economic fields.

On behalf of the promoters, the contents and aims of the initiative will be illustrated by:

Gianmaria Ajani, Rector of the University of Turin
Andrea Griva, Vice-President of SEI – School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Vincenzo Ilotte, President of the Turin Chamber of Commerce
Matteo Pessione, Chief Operating Officer of OGR and CRT Foundation
Paolo Mulassano, Chief Innovation Officer of Compagnia di Sanpaolo
Giancarlo Rocchietti, President of the Investors Club
Guido Saracco, Rector of the Polytechnic of Turin
Chiara Appendino, Mayor of Turin

Reale Mutua and Torino Social Impact organize the event “Impact-Ability” (scheduled for June 27th), in collaboration with Il sole24Ore, Lavazza and Dynamo Camp: a debate among traditional for-profit companies, innovators and financial investors and third sector organizations to merge the ability to intentionally produce positive social impacts and to generate economic and financial profitability. It will be an opportunity to understand how technological experimentation and hybridization of skills can contribute to developing business models capable of responding to social challenges by integrating innovation and economic sustainability.




ITW is a non-profit project promoted by the Turin Chamber of Commerce, the Investors Club, Compagnia di San Paolo, CRT Foundation, LINKS Foundation, OGR, Turin Polytechnic, School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SEI), Torino Social Impact, Industrial Union of Turin and University of Turin. ITW is realized in collaboration with the MISE / UIBM and has received the patronage of the City of Turin and the Piedmont Region.

Paris Peace Forum – call for projects

The Paris Peace Forum has launched an Open Call for projects that bring innovative solutions to tackle global challenges within any of the following themes:

  • Peace and Security
  • Development
  • New Technologies
  • Inclusive Economy
  • Environment
  • Culture and Education

Call for Projects is open until 24 May 2019 to all actors of global governance, such as international organizations, non-governmental organizations, states, companies, foundations, development agencies, religious groups, associations, think tanks and universities.
The selected projects are expected to be at an advanced conception stage or in an early implementation phase.

Don’t miss the opportunity to develop your initiative and join the second edition of the Paris Peace Forum from 11 to 13 November 2019 at la Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris.

More info and application form: parispeaceforum.org/call-for-projects/

The City of Turin’s services for digitalization and innovation

On the occasion of the Turin International Book Fair, Thursday 10 May at 4 pm at the City of Turin Stand, the City of Turin will present its projects related to innovation, digitization and support for social innovation, including Torino Social Impact.

Torino City Lab, the platform dedicated to research and development of innovation in the pre-commercial state (www.torinocitylab.it)

TorinoFacile, the platform for citizens to find all the digital services of the Municipality (www.servizi.torinofacile.it)

  • Torino Social Factory, the measure for support to social innovation projects promoted by the third sector able to include civil society and to trigger urban regeneration processes in peripheral areas with high socio-economic criticality (www.torinosocialfactory.it)

AperTO – the platform of Open Data of the City of Turin available to businesses and citizenship (www.aperto.comune.torino.it)

More information on the facebook event page.


BLOCKCHAIN FRIDAYS – From theory to practice

Confcooperative Piemonte Nord, Legacoop Piemonte and the Turin Chamber of Commerce organize two meetings for enterprises, focused on a tool many speak about and some apply. The blockchain is a new technology that allows people and businesses to build a reliable mutual relationship. The first meeting will allow participants to understand what it is, how to orient ourselves, which are the significant aspects, where it can create value. The second meeting is dedicated to the practical application, together with the direct experiences of some companies that have invested into this technology.

In attachment, the program concerning the first seminar: Friday 10 May 2019 – from 9 AM to 1 PM @ Torino Incontra, via Nino Costa 8

Registration here:  https://www.to.camcom.it/i-venerdi-della-blockchain-1

The new Cuqu Space in San Salvario

Saturday 4 May 2019 Cuqù – the district’s cradle will be open from morning to evening to present itself to all those who want to know it with games, shows, music and laboratories.

Cuqù is an activity center offering services for girls, children, mothers and dads. It opened a few months ago in the heart of the multi-ethnic neighborhood of San Salvario, close to via Saluzzo 30. The project was admitted to the accompanying and funding path of Torino Social Factory, funded by Pon Metro 2014-2020 program. Cuqù is an innovative community welfare experience designed by a team of three partners that have been active for years within the social and cultural promotion of the neighborhood, with sustainable business projects that are attentive to the family dimension: aLocal Development Agency of San Salvario, Atypica and Mondo di Joele.

Cuqù focuses on family time and offers services, activities and opportunities “for families”, which help to reconcile work life, family time, leisure time; services with wide opening hours, even for families in economic difficulty. In Cuqù there are also “Neighborhood Mothers” to help in immigrant families: they give information and accompany them to the public services, acting as a bridge between different languages ​​and cultures.

To learn about the project and the program of the festival: www.cuqu.it/eventi/il-4-maggio-apre-cuqu

To learn more about Torino Social Factory:  http://torinosocialfactory.it/


// We Live Life Without Filters. //


Fuckup Nights is the global movement born to celebrate the mother of all successes: failure! A series of events in which stories of professional failure are shared.

In events organized around the world, every month we find from three to four speakers who choose to share their professional fuckups in front of an audience of pure strangers. Broken or burnt business stories, bad business partnerships, products that should have been banged up and that have been called up, and so on and so forth. We want to tell all these stories.

Every FuckUp Nights event contains three magic ingredients: Speaker, Beer, and You!

The Speakers tell their own experience of fuckup on projects or activities in which they were involved and where things did not go exactly as planned.
The Beer facilitates the reception of the message and above all its acceptance.
And the last magical element: You. To appreciate, to enjoy a nice evening of entertainment, to learn from mistakes.

[The event will be held in Italian]



18:30 // Doors open

19:00 // Fuckups start

20:00 // Beer & Networking


The event is free, registration here!


AUGUSTO COPPOLA // Managing Director @ LUISS ENLABS (LVenture Group)

GREGORIO CAPORALE // VP Alliances & Corporate Dev @ Synesthesia

…more speakers coming soon…


Presentation of the I4.0 Digital Call – Torino Wireless meets Companies

The meeting will be the occasion to learn about the 2019 I4.0 Digital Call promoted by the Turin Chamber of Commerce, which provides grants in order to finance consultancy services and specialized training on new digital skills and technologies. Torino Wireless Foundation will present the support dedicated to the SMEs of Turin and its Province.

Free participation, compulsory registration.

Refugees Welcome presents “Young Together”

Refugees Welcome Italia – Torino is waiting for you at Impact Hub to introduce you “Young Together”, the project carried out in collaboration with the Italian Council for Refugees to promote co-housing between young Europeans and young refugees.

Refugees Welcome Italia promotes a host family model based on the direct involvement of citizens. The goal of “Young Together”, in particular, is to encourage exchange and mutual knowledge among young people under 35 coming from different countries and cultures. Sharing the same house is certainly one of the best ways to do it!

If you want to get involved and do something concrete, you want to learn more about the “Young Together” project and meet the Refugees Welcome Italia organization, we are waiting for you on Tuesday 16 April at 6.30 PM at Impact Hub.

18:30 | Doors open & Welcome
19:00 | Presentation and testimonials, “Young Together” project. With the participation of Silvia Salvagno, Refugees Welcome Italia.
20:00 | Networking aperitif by Il Gusto del Mondo (€ 12 – The entire income of the aperitif will be donated to Il gusto del Mondo and Refugees Welcome Italia).

Registration on Eventbrite.