Mercato Circolare (Circular Market) Benefit Corporation is an innovative startup with a social goal, established in 2018 with the aim to disseminate the circular economy paradigm, through cross-media tools that connect consumers, economic actors and institutions, and that stimulate civic commitment. Mercato Circolare makes circular economy accessible and applicable by creating digital and cultural B2B and B2C connections, through a set of services and tools focused on business development, citizens engagement, awareness-raising and training:

  • The App “Mercato Circolare”, the first App in Italy that hosts companies that operate according to the principles of the circular economy, connect them to customers and support the promotion of circular products and services, e.g through specialized e-commerce. Available for iOS and Android;
  • Cultural and training events on Circular Economy, theatre performances and workshops, popular divulgation format (e.g. “Dentro il Cappello” on the new EU Action plan on Circular Economy), serious games and gaming devices, with a cross-media approach. These are targeted to schools, civil society organizations, companies, trade associations, Municipalities, and the wider public;
  • Corporate consulting and networking to guide companies through the circular transition;
  • Development of an innovative Circularity Indicator that considers the different aspects of Circ. Economy: use of renewable materials/energy, use of secondary raw materials, design for durability, for sharing and reuse, for easy recycling (in cooperation with University of Turin and ICESP).