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The term Mentoring describes a one-to-one relationship in which a person with fewer skills and experience, Mentee, is supported during a learning and/or developmental process by another person with more experience and expertise who takes on the role of Mentor.

Through an accompanying path that consists of moments of reflection, encouragement and practical support, the Mentor supports the Mentee by helping him/her to develop and improve a new or existing business, providing their skills and experience.
In a Mentoring relationship, mutual trust and respect are central: it is in fact a two-way relationship in which both people have the opportunity to learn something new, to confront different ideas and to grow from a professional and personal point of view.

In particular, MicroLab Business Mentors, assist and support aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • in the analysis phase of the sustainability of the business idea
  • in the early stages of start-up and/or development of their business activities

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