MicroLab Onlus since 2003 is active in social innovation with mentoring, orientation and trainings activities for young and potential entrepreneurs in Italy.
Our mission is:

  • To assist and support, thanks to our volunteer Business Mentor network, the creation and the development of microenterprises by people at risk of economical and social marginalisation
  • To promote the culture of self-employment, particularly towards the under 35s.
  • To provide professional advice over university choices, work perspectives and self-employment for high school students.

MicroLab is member of Youth Business International since 2013, with which it started the project Youth Business Italy. The aim is to help young people to start-up and develop business activities offering assistance courses, supporting services and help in gaining access to finance and to funds set aside for new initiatives.
The program offers:

  • Support to micro-enterprise: through Mentoring programmes
  • Training for promoting self-employment: Project «Up To Youth» (since 2014)
  • Career guidance to high school students: Project Alternanza scuola lavoro (since 2016)