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Reland® is a Spin-Off of OFFGRID Italia, an association of social promotion, which develops educational and training formats focused on circular economy.

The project has been funded by the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation through the Torino Proxima initiative.

The first Reland® call was created to disseminate the principles of circular economy in the schools of the Metropolitan City of Turin and spread a clear message: sustainability is also beauty!


The call is open to the following public or private schools:

  • Elementary school
  • Secondary school
  • Secondary school

Specifically for the last category, we turn to high schools and technical institutes with the following addresses: scientific, artistic, technological.

The call provides for the selection of 2 classes of elementary school and two classes of secondary school to which live the experience of Reland ® in the classroom.


Select school leaders and teachers motivated to spread the culture of circular economy in their institution starting with the creation of a working group within the selected classes.

The two classes of the elementary school will follow the path Reland ® Kids whose activities will be divided into 3 interventions of 2 hours with the following objectives:

  • Transfer awareness of the basic principles of the circular economy and the life cycle of materials.
  • Distinguish between end-of-life treatments (reuse vs. recycling).
  • Develop creativity through the use of reused materials.
  • Raise participants’ awareness of the circular approach to problem solving.

The selected classes of upper secondary schools will be involved in the Reland® Young path whose activities will be divided into 5 sessions of 3 hours with the following objectives:

  • Acquisition of fundamental knowledge of circular economy and sustainable development.
  • Acquisition of collaborative design tools, systemic design.
  • Development of creativity and teamwork skills.
  • Creation of a project based on the principles of circularity and evaluation of the feasibility of transforming creative ideas into concrete projects through the first approach to the Reland® method.

In this path, a challenge requested by a company in the area is developed and the students will arrive at the solution thanks to the team of facilitators.

Schools wishing to apply must be based in the Metropolitan City of Turin.