OffGrid Italia APS was founded in 2015 by the union of professionals in the field of design, architecture and construction united by a big dream: to live off-the-grid. The off-the-grid movement, originally from North America, wants to bring back the attention not only of professionals, but of the whole population, on the charm and importance, in uncertain times like those of the ecological crisis we are experiencing, to build self-sufficient homes with recycled materials.

We then approached the circular economy applied to architecture, biomimesis and the study of natural and urban ecosystems with their unique characteristics.

Fascinated by the model of connections operating in an undergrowth, we wondered how it could be brought back to the urban environment.

The answer came in the experiments conducted in Turin.

We developed an ecosystem for circular design, built school projects and sensitized hundreds of children to sustainable action.

Some information that represents us:

  • 20 tons of materials repurposed into art, architecture and design projects,
  • 300 people involved in our free workshops,
  • 30 events as popularizers sustainability theme,
  • 7 graduation thesis Architecture sustainable project,
  • 70 students from the Department of Architecture and Design of the Polytechnic of Turin involved in our projects,
  • 200 high school students involved in our educational projects
  • 3 formats of educational projects carried out in Turin
  • Climathon 2019 winners
  • partner in the Edilizia Circolare project among the winners of the Turin Axto Call for Proposals
  • signing of the agreement with the Municipality of Cambiano and the DAD Department of the Polytechnic of Turin to develop the format Reland Parco (OGI project)