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January 18th, 2021


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The Open Call “Game Changers” is part of the activities of the exhibition “EASY AS A KISS: humanizing technology through design. Vision, story and impact of Interaction Design Institute Ivrea that will be inaugurated in the coming months at the Design Club.


The call selects the best projects carried out in the last 15 years using interaction design: projects able to tell the processes of humanization of technology, the methods of human-centered design for the management of complexity, the design focus on user experience, the design of a service.

The projects selected through the call “Game Changers” will be exhibited in the Local Impact section of the exhibition, dedicated to investigating the cultural impact and training of skills to which the school has contributed, through the story of the best experiences of the territory in terms of interaction design.

Who is the Open Call addressed to:

  • Interaction designers who have developed projects capable of generating impact on the Piedmontese territory
  • Interaction designers of the territory who have developed projects capable of generating impact on any territory
  • Companies or Public Administrations that have collaborated with interaction designers to create projects capable of generating impact on the Piedmontese territory


From Tuesday, October 27th it will be possible for interested parties to submit their application by filling out the form at http://bit.ly/GameChangersEAAK.

  • The deadline for submission is set for January 18, 2021 at 12 noon.
  • Registration is free
  • Each entity may submit more than one project, if it deems it necessary, provided that each proposal has been made since 2005.
  • A single form is required for each project submitted
  • For information and questions, you can send an email to info@circolodeldesign.it


For the selections, an international jury has been established, composed of

  • Gillian Crampton Smith, Former Director Interaction Design Institute of Ivrea
  • Sara Fortunati, Director of the Design Club
  • Laura Orestano, Social Fare Director, Torino
  • AndreaPedrina,LocalLeaderIxDAMilan&Turin,InteractionDesignLead,Fjord
  • Jan-Christoph Zoels, curator of the exhibition “Easy as a kiss / Humanizing technology through design”.

The selected projects will be presented within the exhibition “Easy as a kiss”. The winners will be contacted by 30 January 2021 by the Circolo del Design to acquire the material useful for the exhibition of the project.

The jury has the right to include in the exhibition also projects not presented through the open call Game Changers.