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The Barolo Social District, since 1821 – by the will of Giulia di Barolo – welcomes and develops the potential of the most fragile people. Deployed in 15,000 square meters, in the area between Via Cottolengo and Via Cigna, 14 institutions operate on a daily basis, offering socio-health interventions, in particular for women, children, young people, migrants, and families in a state of fragility.

By December 2018 Opera Barolo makes available to non-profit organizations, for the duration to be defined based on the project, an area of 200 square meters on the basement floor and 400 square meters in the basement, in Turin on Via G.B. Cottolengo 24 / bis, for the realization of an innovative project for women leaving prison, migrants, families in difficulty and young people.

For this reason, it is interested in selecting design ideas built with the participatory planning methodology that involves the collaboration of the various actors of the Barolo District Community so that they are involved in the conception and realization of a project that includes positive effects on the District itself and on the city.

Ideas will be selected that propose welfare initiatives able to enhance the capacities of the most fragile citizens and to regenerate the city community by activating with them relational and socio-economic synergies with a high social impact. Preferring proposals bearing a vision of generative welfare, coming from subjects with long-term experience, consolidated and stable relationships with Institutional Partners, able to integrate different socio-economic resources.

The call is an expression of the working table composed of the Piedmont Region, the City of Turin, the CRT Foundation and the Compagnia di San Paolo in protocol with the Opera Barolo for the development of the Barolo Social District, as a place of social innovation in the service of new welfare.

The presentation of the project ideas must be made by September 15, 2018.

The proposals will be selected by an Examination Committee composed by the Barolo Opera jointly with representatives of the Barolo District Institutional Table (Piedmont Region, Turin Municipality, Compagnia di San Paolo, CRT Foundation).
By 15 October 3 proposals will be selected which will be requested to complete the project, according to the indications provided by the Examining Commission, by 30 November.

The Opera Barolo Board of Directors will announce the choice of the beneficiary of the assignment by December 30th.

For more information and to download the announcement, consult the Opera Barolo site on this page.