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To animate the network of the Piedmont ICT Innovation Cluster, Fondazione Torino Wireless has introduced the Corporate Meeting format.  Since 2010, it is a business networking platform that begins as an event, continues as a B2B and leads to concrete collaborations.

Each event is focused on a theme to explore current technological scenarios, such as Artificial Intelligence, Smart Building, Sustainable Mobility, and much more. The format has evolved over time, to adapt to the needs dictated by the context, not least the social distancing introduced following the recent Covid-19 pandemic, which made all the meetings totally online.

How does it work? It starts with a LIVE meeting where about 15 companies alternate quickly in front of an audience of similar or complementary companies. Each speaker has 5 minutes to say who he is, what he does, what he offers and what he seeks, also taking advantage of the last second to make the pitch effective and interesting. The goal is to highlight the best skills of the company and above all to declare which type of partner is being sought.

During company presentations, the public is also at work: each participant provides a form where they can express their will to meet the speaker companies face to face. In this way, the second phase of the meeting is already built: B2B meetings.

In the days following the meeting, the Polo team checks the motivations, performs the matching and plans a dense agenda of one-to-one meetings. All B2Bs take place remotely on a videoconference platform made available by the Torino Wireless Foundation, a neutral ground away from the limelight, where you can find the conditions for peace of mind in order to bring out profitable collaborations.