Piemonte Innova, formerly Torino Wireless, is a public-private partnership that acts nationally and internationally to promote and develop innovation.

Since its inception in 2003, it is a unique entity at national level that brings together public bodies, research organisations and enterprises in the digital field. It has a staff of 35 people working on more than 40 projects, 8 of which are European, a national technology cluster (SmartCommunitiesTech), a regional technology cluster (Polo ICT) and a dedicated innovation ecosystem.

Piemonte Innova provides expertise in the management of European and Italian innovation calls, supports and assists SMEs and small municipalities in the digital transition, responds to requests for participation in projects promoted by local authorities, and identifies needs and collaborations for public-private collaborative research projects.

To these historical functions of the 20 years of Torino Wireless, in 2023 Fondazione Piemonte Innova adds, thanks to the entry of new members and the renewed pact between the founders, new competences and the mandate to act as a facilitator of the processes of innovation and development of digitalisation of the so-called digitally fragile subjects: micro and small enterprises of the less technological sectors and small municipalities.

The objective is to animate and accompany businesses and PA in managing the economic and social impact of the major transitions – digital, environmental and energy – that will characterise the coming years, starting from three major themes: Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.