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HOMES4ALL is an impact finance innovative project aimed at addressing housing emerging needs. It is financed by the National Social Innovation Fund and has been developed by the City of Turin together with public private for-profit and non-profit partners.

Homes4All promotes an innovative housing strategy based on the identification of empty or occupied dwellings falling in different legal frames, such as judicial auctions, vacant housing, donations, to be entrusted to a newco for their management. In the case of empty dwellings, the company operates to restructure, valorize them or make them available to the social renting channels and, in the case of occupied dwellings, it supports tenants in case of debt situations.

The project also focuses on the promotion of participatory, collaborative and inclusive housing mechanisms, within the framework of Torino Social Impact ecosystem.

HOMES4ALL has obtained funding from the Government applying to the National Social Innovation Fund, which is structured in three financing phases up to 1.5 M. The first financial step granted for the activation of the project is worth 150,000 Euros.

Public, private and non-profit players are part of the consortium, including Turin Chamber of Commerce, Brainscapital, Homers and ACMOS. The Competence Center for Impact Evaluation of Torino Social Impact plays a key role in the measurement process.

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