Important updates from Homes4All the project of impact finance to face the housing emergency in Torino promoted by the City of Torino together with the Chamber of Commerce of Torino, Brainscapital, Homers, ACMOS, within Torino Social Impact.

Homes4All was born to solve a problem: the pathways of poverty very often start from the loss of one’s own home. It doesn’t matter if this happens due to personal or entrepreneurial events, but from the loss of the house onward the gravity of any previous situation increases to the point that it becomes hardly reversible, with very high costs for people, families and the whole community.

Homes4All promotes an innovative housing strategy through the identification of property blocks, free or occupied, of different origins (court auctions, vacant housing, donations) to be entrusted to the management of a newco/startup. The company proceeds, in case of empty housing, to renovate, enhance or make available to the social rental channels and, in case of occupied housing, to support tenants in case of debt situations.

From today is online the pre-campaign of equity crowdfunding LITA realised by the innovative newco/startup with the same name of the project. The startup has the great advantage of having management and operating costs of the first 3 years covered by the contribution, paid in favor of the project, by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.  This allows the startup to use and allocate the funds collected through the Equity Crowdfunding campaign exclusively to the acquisition of real estate

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