On October 10th, at the Sala Colonne of Turin’s City Hall, the first Local Green Deal was signed with the goal of implementing a sustainable and circular food system in the city. On this occasion, an Action Plan was also presented, designed to guide third-sector organizations through a ‘green’ transition process and provide them with the tools to move in the direction of this change.

The agreement was signed by Chiara Foglietta, the Assessor for Ecological Transition, Giacomo Portas, the President of Environment Park, Guido Cerrato, a manager from the Turin Chamber of Commerce representing President Dario Gallina, and representatives from small and medium-sized enterprises and startups. They contributed to the creation of these two documents as part of the twin projects SME4 GREEN and RESPONDET, funded by the European COSME program. These documents, along with other initiatives and tools, including their strategic commitments, actions, and planned investments, will be included in the Climate City Contract.

Torino Social Impact also collaborated by providing a wide ecosystem for preliminary consultation in the drafting of these documents. Both the Local Green Deal and the Local Action Plan will be incorporated into the Climate City Contract, the document that will guide Turin towards climate neutrality by 2030.