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Fooding is a project to fight poverty and combat food waste, promoted by Arci Torino on the territory of the Metropolitan City of Turin, active since 2018, which includes popular canteens, recovery of food surpluses and distribution hubs of baskets of basic necessities, with the aim of combating food poverty.

With the onset of the pandemic situation, which has exacerbated disparities and led to an increase in households in conditions of socio-economic marginality, the project has been expanded through membership of the Torino Solidale network, composed by Rete Case del Quartiere, Arci and other third sector entities and coordinated by the City of Turin.

Torino Solidale provides for the distribution of solidarity baskets through a dozen joints spread throughout the territory of Turin. To date, Arci Torino manages two hubs in the north of the city, with a total of about 1,400 households in charge.

In addition to solidarity actions, the following are provided:

  • counters for orientation to rights
  • counters and activities aimed at psychological well-being
  • socialization actions

The project is aimed at families in conditions of socio-economic marginalization and homeless people.