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Atelier Riforma


24-25-26 November



In November, a special occasion awaits all the people of Turin (and beyond!): it’s the Circular Days at Green Pea, a weekend event (November 24-25-26) entirely dedicated to the circular economy and mindful consumption, as an alternative to the classic unrestrained consumerism of Black Friday!

The startup member of Turin Social Impact Atelier Riforma – which has recently formed a partnership with Green Pea – has prepared many activities for the occasion:

  • On Saturday, the 25th in the afternoon, there’s a “swap party” for fun and exchanging clothes we no longer wear but others might still enjoy, accompanied by an interactive talk on circular fashion with the amazing Francesca Mitolo from rén collective.
  • Sunday, the 26th in the morning, there’s a wonderful workshop to transform unused T-shirts into useful alternatives, promoting zero waste! The workshop will be led by the delightful Lara Mottola from Punt’aspilli.
  • On Sunday, the 26th in the afternoon, there’s a collection of unused clothes along with a live demonstration of Atelier Riforma’s Re4Circular technology for classifying end-of-life garments.

In addition to these, there are many other activities detailed in the event’s complete program.