Atelier Riforma is an innovative startup for social good, who aims to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry through circular economy and creativity.

Atelier Riforma functions both as a supplier and a marketplace for fashion professionals. We collect, door-to-door and for free, second-hand clothes from private individuals and associations. In exchange for the donation, the donor is given a discount voucher to use for buying other Atelier Riforma’s clothes. Once catalogued and sanitized, the collected clothes are distributed to our network of tailoring realities (made by young tailors, designers, fashion students and social tailorings where disadvantaged people find a job), who restyle them. Finally, Atelier Riforma promotes and sells upcycled clothes through e-commerce.

The tailoring work is paid once the product has been sold with an amount corresponding to 50% of the selling price. The business model is based on the upcycling process, which increases the starting value of used clothes.

Thanks to our partnership with some non-profit organizations, we donate the unsold clothes which are more useful for the people in need. Our traceability system, thanks to a system of codes, tracks each donated garment, ensuring transparency to the donor and real involvement in the process. The same system informs the final buyer about the upcycling work that has been performed and about the natural resources he contributed to save by purchasing a “reformed” garment.