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Mindly Wespire is the first platform that contributes to making the work environment a better and more performing place through behavioral technology that encourages employees to have a positive impact not only at work, but also on the community.

How does it do it? Through 3 main methods:

  • Gamification
  • KPI measurement
  • Over 350 employee engagement programs in line with company policies.

Mindly Wespire is the only platform dedicated to employees and collaborators that brings together:

  • Inclusive culture
  • Sustainability
  • Welfare
  • Social impact

generating a work environment in which employees feel an integral part of the company, thereby improving the well-being of workers, production performance, the achievement of objectives, the achievement of bonuses and benefits and customer satisfaction.

In fact, companies can and should play a key role through their workforce in achieving a positive social impact, from climate change to inclusion, nutrition and volunteering.

The platform helps companies and employees to lead a more sustainable life, both in the workplace and in private life through:

  1. Instructions
  2. Motivation
  3. Actions

that lead to lasting change, for example by promoting better habits on the reduction of energy, water, fuel and waste production.