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In an ever-changing context the public administration can choose whether to suffer or to become a protagonist itself, intercepting challenges and proposing innovative solutions in response to old and new needs.

It is precisely from this premise and from the awareness of the knowledge and experience of public employees, that the “InnovaTO” initiative is launched in 2014: a competition designed by and addressed to employees of the City of Turin with the aim of developing innovative projects to improve the performance of the Administration.

The initiative has been recognised as a best practice at European level, and has merged into the European project “Innovato-R” (2018-2021), within the Urbact program, which sees the City of Turin as leader with the aim of transferring the practice of the “InnovaTO” initiative to six other European administrations (Rotterdam, Métropole du Grand Paris, Porto, Murcia, Cluj-Napoca, Veszprém) and to relaunch a new edition in the Turin context.

For a full success of the aims of the Transfer Network, each of the partners involved is implementing a practical execution of the acquired methodology, according to the available tools and adapting it to their own context.

In September 2019, the City of Turin launched an internal call to action within Innovato-R, in response to which 44 applications were received focused on service quality, acquisition of goods/services, cost rationalisation, energy optimisation, reduction of bureaucratic impact and data management and digitisation.

To learn more: https://urbact.eu/innovato-r