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April 21



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Global Challenges, Local Solutions: Turin and the G7 on Climate” aims to provide a unique opportunity for reflection and dialogue on the themes of the G7 Climate, Environment, and Energy.

For three days – from April 28th to 30th – the eyes of the world will be on Turin for the G7, an event that plays a fundamental role in shaping the global agenda on sustainability and encouraging states to adopt concrete policies and measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Action, Circular Economy, Renewable Energies, and Water Resources: the highlights of the Planet Week (a prelude to the G7 Climate, Environment, and Energy) embody the very essence of Green Growth Generation and our event, which will take place on Sunday, April 21st.


With “Global Challenges, Local Solutions: Turin and the G7 on Climate,” we aim to inspire the entire community to greater climate and environmental awareness. We would like to thank the ‘Bagni di Via Agliè’ association in advance for providing us with the space for this initiative.

We are focusing on a multi-stakeholder/multi-actor approach: Non-Profit Organizations (Climate Fresk Italia), Think Tanks (ECCO), Startups (ReLearn), and Environmental Associations (Greenpeace Turin, Plastic Free Onlus) will participate, ready to share their experiences and expertise with all participants.

Workshops, thematic quizzes, and a listening forum: we aim to engage families especially young people, offering them a space where they can freely express their concerns but also share ideas and proposals on how to change course towards a more sustainable future.

Because addressing the climate emergency requires unprecedented collective commitment.

Because the Planet needs bridges, not walls.