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The DelFin project brings together partners from Germany, Croatia, Hungary and Italy (Piedmont), to boost the development and consolidation of a financial ecosystem, for supporting the birth and growth of social enterprises in rural areas.

The project aims to analyse the possibility of creating favorable infrastructures and contextual conditions, and to investigate how to improve public support instruments, also involving private financiers.

Partners will make a survey of a series of tools (funding schemes and support tools) for the promotion of social entrepreneurship in rural regions, which will be tested in pilot projects in each region. Local in-depth seminars will also be organized for municipalities and financial institutions.

The Piedmontese pilot project provides a service for the acceleration of companies in the rural areas. Finpiemonte and the Giacomo Brodolini Foundation launched in May 2020 a call for collecting applications from companies and startup for an accompanying program aimed at the development of entrepreneurial projects with social impact in rural and mountain areas.