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The AbiTO – Abitare Solidale Torino project activates co-housing between people who live alone in large houses, with at least one extra room, and who may need support for daily living (the elderly and disabled, but not only) and those who have difficulty with the cost of housing or who are discriminated against by the traditional housing market (female students/out-of-home, young workers/out-of-home, foreigners, etc.). Approved by D.G.C. n.1227 of 12/21/2021 PIS Area 4, the “AbiTO – Abitare Solidale Torino” project began in 2019 and is inspired by the Tuscan project “Abitare solidale” by Auser Abitare Solidale. . The goal is to encourage a new culture of living based on the principles of mutual solidarity and to contribute to the creation of a welfare system. Within this welfare system new forms of collaborative living will help prevent social hardship and exclusion, will decrease individual housing-related costs, and will encourage savings that can reduce consumption, thereby turning the “housing problem” into an opportunity for a more cohesive community.

“AbiTO – Abitare Solidale Torino” is supported by the City of Turin, which thus plays an active role as a promoter of a different way of living with the third age and frailty. The project is in a network with the associations Auser Abitare Solidale and CoAbitare APS.