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Social Value Italia, Social Value International and Torino Social Impact


24 and 25 October 2022


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On 24 and 25 October 2022 the Social Value Matters Europe conference will be held in Turin, a conference dedicated to best practices and innovations in the world of impact

assessment and management, with the aim of highlighting the fundamental role that social value measurement can play in creating a sustainable world.

Social Value Matters is organised by Social Value Italia with Torino Social Impact and Social Value International, and will take place at the prestigious UniCredit University venue in via XX Settembre in Turin.

The dramatic events of the last fews years has highlighted the desperate need to transform the world around us, and to ensure that people and planet are put at the heart of all decision making.

We believe, that by transforming the way we account for value, society will be able to make better decisions that will increase wellbeing, environmental protection and reduce inequality for all.

The conference will bring participants together from across different sectors, to discuss a way of making decisions that listens and responds to stakeholder voices, that is transparent and accountable, that protects people and the planet, and that can be made at a local, regional and global level.


Full programme here


Tickets are available on Eventbrite, seats are limited.