Best practices and innovations in the world of social impact assessment and management. These are the topics at the centre of the 2022 edition of “Social Value Matters Europe“, to be held in Turin on 24 and 25 October. Organised by Social Value Italia, Torino Social Impact and Social Value International, with the support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT, and with the patronage of the City of Turin, the conference will be held at UniCredit University, in via XX Settembre.
Among the first objectives of the two-day event is to highlight the fundamental role that measuring social value can play in creating a sustainable world. For the organisers, in fact, by transforming the way we measure value, society will be able to make better decisions that will increase well-being, protect the environment and reduce social inequality.

The conference will be held in English and will bring together participants from the international Social Value network (Italy, UK, Spain, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, Arabia), and from different sectors (public, private, for-profit and not-for-profit) to discuss a way of making decisions that listens and responds to stakeholder voices, that is transparent and accountable, and that protects people and the planet at local, regional and global levels.
Prominent figures in the world of evaluation will include Ben Carpenter of Social Value International, Irene Basile of Oecd, Carola Carazzone of Assifero, Alessia Gianoncelli of Evpa, and Mario Calderini of Torino Social Impact, among others.

The choice of Turin is not random, the Piedmontese capital is in fact considered among the best territories to seize the opportunities arising from the affirmation of the entrepreneurial and financial paradigm of the impact economy. Turin is home to a new generation of social incubators and accelerators, to important social impact-oriented capitals, to international organisations dedicated to global social challenges, to a strong orientation towards corporate social responsibility, to the propensity of public administrations towards social innovation, and to the ability to create a system between the public, private and third sectors.

In order to learn more about Turin and the examples of social innovation, two visits will be held on the afternoon of the 24th, one at Cascina Fossata, a redevelopment project that aims to give back to the city a quality meeting space to intercept new housing and social needs in a changing territory; and one at the San Salvario neighbourhood house, a workshop for the design and implementation of social and cultural activities, with the participation of associations, citizens, and artistic and cultural operators who work together to create an open and multicultural space, a place for crossroads, meetings and the exchange of activities and people.

The possibility of getting to know each other and networking will be ensured during the conference by the moments of exchange, the breaks and lunches offered during the work and the social dinner at the end of the first day, which will be held at the Cascina Fossata restaurant.

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In conjunction with the Social Value Matters Europe conference, the Cottino Social Impact Campus is organising the invitation-only training day ‘The intangible value of places’.

The event will be held on Sunday, October 23, at the Lingotto and at the Campus in Turin, with a session composed of two distinct and unique moments.

Participants will have the opportunity to follow a guided tour of the famous Pista 500 in Lingotto with its creator, architect Benedetto Camerana. In the historic FIAT headquarters, recently redeveloped as a multifunctional structure, they will discuss how the regenerative processes of physical spaces contribute to the generation of social and environmental impact.

Following this, at the Cottino Social Impact Campus, there will be a Meeting of minds between leading experts and scholars exploring the skills required for impact assessment in real estate in the context of urban regeneration.

Speakers at the event will include Ryan Daulton, Senior Research Associate for the Impact-Weighted Accounts (IWA) project at Harvard Business School, Mario Calderini, Scientific Advisor of the Cottino Social Impact Campus and Full Professor of Sustainability and Impact Management at the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, Alessandra Oppio, Full Professor of Estimo and Evaluation at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of the Politecnico di Milano, Patrizia Lombardi, Full Professor in Economic Valuation of Projects and Pro-rector of the Politecnico di Torino, Marella Caramazza, Board Member of the Cottino Social Impact Campus and strategic director of the ‘Centre of Competence for Evaluation and Measurement of Social Impact’ and Danny Casprini is researcher in Technology and Innovation Research on Social Impact at the TIRESIA Research Centre, Politecnico di Milano.

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