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The Call for Visionary Ideas promoted by Nesta Italia in collaboration with Talent Garden and Futureland stems from the shared will to stimulate the development of proposals and ideas in the field of Artificial Intelligence which, without neglecting the technological aspect, have the ambition to create a positive impact on our society.

The ideas that can be presented are the most disparate but must concern one or more of the following areas of interest of the Foundation:

Health: ideas and proposals that increase the healthcare system’s ability to exploit the potential of artificial intelligence by supporting medical personnel in personal care. We want to promote and support new digital healthcare models that focus more on the needs, resources and potential of the individual and the community.
For example: predictive tools to assess potential risks of disease evolution, precision medicine for the identification of personalized care, support for doctors in the development of diagnoses.

Education: ideas and proposals that promote the use of artificial intelligence to improve school learning, help young people (and young people) to develop the skills of the future or improve the efficiency of schools.
For example: automatic tools for the evaluation and personalization of teaching material, automated tutoring, extraction of indicators that predict the risk of dropping out of school.

Art & Culture: ideas and proposals that adopt artificial intelligence to make art and culture more accessible. In particular, new methods of cultural and creative production, of involvement and interaction with the public.
For example: tools to increase the quality of the experience of visiting museums, suggest personalized cultural paths, increase the accessibility of culture through targeted content.

City: ideas and proposals able to orient, imagine and experience desirable futures for intelligent and interactive communities in the urban context.
For example: creation of new instruments of participation and change in the processes of engagement of citizenship, rationalization of municipal procedures, intelligent management of logistics and sustainable mobility through interconnection in the offer of public, private and shared transport and data monitoring collected through sensors and sharing platforms.

It is understood that the aforementioned examples are not to be considered exhaustive but simple suggestions.

The initiative is open to multiple professional and non-professional figures from the following sectors:

Universities, research centers, think tanks;
Non-profit organizations and institutions;
Profit organizations;
Private citizens (single or associated, even not formally).

The same subject can present more than one idea, even in collaboration (formally or informally constituted) with different subjects.


How to participate

Step 1Present your idea

After reading the Rules, we invite you to send us your idea with this form.

The form to nominate your idea will remain online until 12.00 on 22 October 2018.

Step 2Selection of the finalists

Nesta Italia, together with a jury of experts, will select three ideas per area and will invite the finalist proponents to present their ideas to the jury during Futureland.

Step 3 – Selection of winners

During Futureland the jury will select the winners of the call.

At least one idea per topic area will be awarded.

Step 4 – AI for Social Good Event

In mid-December the “AI for Social Good” event will be organized during which the Call winners will be invited to conduct a workshop.

Evaluation criteria
For each thematic area, at least one proposal that is distinguished by:

Social impact hoped for: positive social repercussions within one or more areas indicated. The potential intrinsic social value of the proposed idea is considered, also based on the definition of the direct and indirect beneficiaries of the project and of the actual benefits.

Technical feasibility: the proposal must be feasible and technically implementable.
Innovation: priority will be given to original ideas, carriers of innovation from a technological, organizational and process point of view.

The winners will receive a prize of € 2,000 in cash
+ Complimentary ticket for Futureland
+ Personalized workshop during the “AI for Social Good” event