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ToNite is a project funded by the European programme Urban Innovative Actions that aims to improve the liveability of the areas along the Dora river in the evening hours, through the redevelopment of public spaces and technical and financial support for the activation of proximity services. The Municipality of Torino is the project leader together with the partners: Experientia, Espereal Technologies, SocialFare, Fondazione Torino Wireless, Engineering Ingegneria informatica, ANCI, and EFUS.

ToNite aims to analyse the urban social phenomena deriving from a perception of insecurity and tackle them through inclusive policies to promote the care of the territory and its enhancement. The project, which will last three years and will focus on the areas along the river Dora, includes research, analysis, evaluation and animation and co-design activities aimed at defining interventions on public spaces and to support, through technical and financial support, the activation of new proximity services aimed mainly at night time.

The resources allocated to the project exceed 4.5 million euros of which 1.5 million euros will be allocated to physical interventions on the Lungo Dora and 1 million euros will be allocated to support the activation of projects and services in the area.

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/ 14.02.20 – “La prima di mille notti” inauguration event of ToNite project