“The Benefit Society Model for Generating Social Impact” is the title of the event conceived by Torino Social Impact in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, Cottino Social Impact Campus, and in partnership with API Torino and Industrial Union Turin.

The meeting took place on the afternoon of Monday, November 27, hosted at the Cottino Social Impact Campus, creating a moment for reflection and discussion on the benefit model. The event marks the conclusion of the networking and training journey of the Community of Practice of benefit societies within Torino Social Impact, initiated at the request of participating Benefit Societies in the ecosystem and made possible with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin and the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation.

Fifty participants, including Benefit Societies from the region and companies interested in embarking on this path, drew inspiration from the experiences already underway.

The event began with greetings from Guido Bolatto, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin. This was followed by the panel “Territorial Experiences in Comparison“, moderated by Grace De Girolamo, Communication Manager at Torino Social Impact. The panel featured Micol Burighel from Amapola, Emanuela De Sabato, a member of Futura Law Firm, Federica Fugiglando from FL20 Studio, and Andrea Toso from Synesthesia. On this occasion, the four organizations shared their journey of sharing and dialogue initiated in 2023 with the mission to exchange experiences and skills, uniting forces to multiply impacts on the territory.

Subsequently, Pierangelo Decisi, Coordinator of the benefit-ESG group at API Torino, and Marco Piccolo, Vice President of Small Industry at the Industrial Union of Turin with a focus on Sustainability, shared their experiences and knowledge in the world of Benefit Societies.

The panel “Being Benefit Societies Today: Scenarios, Profiles, and Competences” featured Nicoletta Alessi, Co-founder of Goodpoint SB and a member of the board of Assobenefit, and Caterina Soldi, Development & Program Manager at the Cottino Social Impact Campus.

Closing the event was the keynote speech by Mario Calderini, Spokesperson for Torino Social Impact and Professor at the School of Management, Politecnico di Milano.

Experts discussed the strengths and challenges of the Benefit Society model, emphasizing the importance, from a forward-looking perspective, of bringing value to the territory, not only economically but also generatively impactful.

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