We are a communication agency based in Torino, Milano, Alessandria specialising in strategies and projects for corporate communication, environmental communication, public relations and social responsibility.

 A sustainability culture, communication expertise and a consultancy approach are the three elements we offer our clients to help them meet each new challenge: from a sustainability strategy to stakeholder engagement projects and internal communication initiatives, from a media relations plan to video storytelling and production of events.

We have been a Benefit Company since 2021.

Our approach is:

  • Simple. Clear content and concise, transparent messages to facilitate audience uptake and engagement.
  • Practical. No greenwashing, just tangible action and measurable projects.
  • Collaborative. Listening, dialogue and stakeholder participation as the starting point for a truly sustainable project.
  • Smart. A sustainability path today must also be easily achievable: our method and digital solutions make it possible.

We believe that the spread of culture can contribute to change in habits and behaviours, empowering a more sustainable development. That’s why we created our online magazine, Talking Sustainability, through which we disseminate news, interviews, experts’ analysis and reports on sustainability topics such as environment, social impact, human rights.