FL20 STUDIO STP a RL BENEFIT, established in December 2020 from the merger/union of two professional firms but even before that from the shared intentions/purposes of the two founding professionals/partners Federica Fugiglando and Luca Lavolpicella, driven by the desire to create a structured and professional firm attentive to the physical and psychological well-being of every human resources involved, from professionals to employees, aiming to finding a proper balance between work and private life.

FL20 STUDIO, constituting itself as a Benefit Society, wanted to combine, and then reported in its business scope, the typical/classical professional activity of accountants with a positive and stimulating approach both inside the workplace, where you spend most of your time, and outside with regard to the relationship with Clients.

A great deal of attention is also paid to the selection of suppliers and professionals, favouring collaboration and the creation of synergies with companies and other professional firms that are themselves beneficiaries or that have an approach and purposes aligned with that of the firm.

The consulting activity is increasingly focused on assisting companies operating in sectors related to innovation, digitalization and sustainability, such as SMEs and innovative startups, including social enterprises as well as benefit companies.