Futura Law Firm is an innovative legal entity, essentially focused on two areas, new technologies and social impact, areas that require services provided by experts with not only legal skills. It is a company between lawyers that also involves non-lawyer associates and collaborators as key strategic partners to carry out its activities. In short, Futura Law Firm is a new proposal of consultancy for businesses, companies and start-ups based on innovation and on a different relationship with clients (a fundamental element of the development and growth of the Firm), attentive to participate in the evolution of the profession and the legal market (always guaranteeing precise and accurate consultancy on more strictly legal sectors in corporate matters), to the implications of new technologies, to the usefulness of legal design thinking and to the social impact of businesses, also providing consultancy on the subject of benefit evolution and social impact.

As a benefit corporation as per Italian law, its corporate purpose is based on the objective of common benefit, identifying respect, transparency, sharing, freedom and sustainability as fundamental principles. It aims, among other things, to foster a culture of innovation, sustainability and social impact in the local community; it pursues the personal and professional satisfaction of those who work for the Company by seeking to create the conditions to attract and develop talented employees, promoting flexibility, knowledge sharing and quality relationships.