Thursday, April 4th, 2024
2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Webinar on Webex

The IV edition of the Impact Prototypes Labs program, proposed by Cottino Social Impact Campus and the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, dedicated to companies in the Piedmont region and to students of the Master’s Degree Courses at the Polytechnic University of Turin and the University of Turin, is kicking off.

IP Labs is a practical training and support program for sustainability, aimed at companies wishing to embark on a path of strategic, organizational, and managerial evolution and innovation, through projects that combine competitiveness and market positioning objectives with the achievement and measurement of positive impact.

Impact Prototypes Labs is a systemic program that has been involving some of the major players in the Piedmont region for four years: Chamber of Commerce of Turin, Cottino Social Impact Campus, UniCredit, Api Torino, Confindustria Canavese, Unione Industriali Torino, Polytechnic University of Turin, University of Turin, Fondazione Collegio Einaudi, Fondazione Piemonte innova, Unigens, YES4TO, Torino Social Impact.

In the first 3 editions, 62 Piedmontese companies have already participated, and 200 students have been involved.

Participating companies will be guided through the analysis of their starting situation to develop new opportunities and projects, guided by competent tutoring in corporate strategy, management, impact measurement, and engaging with young minds to embrace new visions and skills.

On April 4th, the Chamber of Commerce of Turin and Cottino Social Impact Campus, with Api Torino, Confindustria Canavese, and Unione Industriali Torino, are organizing a webinar to present the fourth edition of Impact Prototypes Labs, to delve into its benefits for companies and grasp the connections between innovation, organizational evolution, and impact.


2:30 PM
Introductory Greeting
Guido Cerrato, Manager, Area for Territorial Promotion and Market Regulation, Chamber of Commerce of Turin

Impact Prototypes Labs IV edition – Program Introduction
Caterina Soldi, Cottino Social Impact Campus – IP Labs Management

2:45 PM
Innovating through Impact – Meanings and Opportunities
Mario Calderini, Scientific Advisor, Cottino Social Impact Campus, and Full Professor, Polytechnic University of Milan, spokesperson for Torino Social Impact

3:00 PM
What Evolution of Business for Impact?
Marella Caramazza, Board Member CSIC, and Strategic Direction CeVIS – Center of Competences for Impact Measurement and Evaluation

3:15 PM
Program Phases of IP Labs and Benefits for Companies
Caterina Soldi, Cottino Social Impact Campus – IP Labs Management

3:30 PM
Q&A – Closing

Free participation upon online registration.

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