The 12th edition of the international contest Posterheroes: Beautifully Diverse – redefining disability has opened. The contest invites graphic designers, illustrators, both professional and non-professional, to express their thoughts through a poster-manifesto of size 70×100 cm. The initiative is promoted by the Plug Cultural Association, the Favini paper mill, the ITCILO International Training Center and Fondazione Time2.

The constant growth of inequality, makes urgent to strengthen cooperation and educate in solidarity and empathy to recognize the value and dignity of every individual, regardless of ability or characteristics. Through collective action, it is necessary to promote a narrative of disability that is neither positive nor negative, but simply an expression of the diversity that characterizes humankind.

As every year, Posterheroes aims to fuel the international debate on issues of social concern, stimulating the creative community to reflect on them; in particular, with this new edition Posterheroes questions the concept of normality and intends to promote the beauty of diversity.



Contest Opening: 05/13/2023

Deadline: 8/27/2023

The partnership between Plug, Favini and The ITCILO International Training Center, consolidated over the course of the editions, is enriched this year by the collaboration of the Fondazione Time2, strengthening the social value of the contest and further amplifying its communicative potential.

An international jury, composed of leading figures in the fields of design, illustration and social communication, will select the 40 winning posters, which will be the subject of exhibitions, events and publications curated by the Plug association. Two special mentions will also be awarded with related cash prizes: the Favini prize, worth €2500, and the Fondazione Time2 prize, worth €1500. As every year, 12 posters will be selected for the creation of the 2024 Calendar designed by the Plug Cultural Association and produced by the Favini company.

An additional novelty of the 2023 edition is an experimental section of the call, outside the official competition, intended to accommodate works generated on the theme using generative systems based on Artificial Intelligence.

Over the past ten years Posterheroes has received more than 15,000 posters from around the world and involved more than 100 international experts in the field of illustration, the arts, and visual communication who, as members of the jury, selected the winning posters.

For more information on the contest brief and rules, visit website.

“In a historical moment like the present,” says Silvia Barbero, president of Plug Association, “knowing how to welcome diversity is crucial for not only personal but community growth. It is certainly not easy to be able to understand diversity (of opinions, situations, abilities,…) but it is an indispensable effort to live democracy and equality.”

“By supporting this socio-cultural illustration contest, we feel we are contributing to a deep reflection on relevant issues by illustrators, graphic designers and artists, both professionals and students, and creative enthusiasts,” explains Eugenio Eger, CEO Favini. “Through their eyes and art, thanks to Posterheroes, a representation of disability will be composed that will help viewers raise awareness on the issue.”

“This is an important opportunity. The new languages and contexts will help overcome a moralistic attitude toward disabilities for which it is ‘good’ to care.

We will thus be able to help finally access a perspective of full recognition of citizenship rights on a basis of equality with everyone and everyone,” says Samuele Pigoni, secretary general of Fondazione Time2.