The non-profit cultural association PLUG was founded in 2009 as an “incubator” of creativity, or rather as an accelerator, as a tool to support innovation and pure talent, enhanced in a network of skills and international professionalism.
PLUG has a horizontal and participatory structure, within it the most diverse professional profiles are confronted on issues of a public nature, proposing to society participatory actions on issues with strong social impact.

For 10 years it has been dealing with social communication and sustainable design. Composed of professional profiles ranging from design to visual communication, since its inception it carries out cultural projects in the educational, social, environmental and artistic fields with the aim of generating a positive impact on the territory thanks to a consolidated network of realities.

Always active in the field of social communication, since its first year of life it manages and takes care of the Posterheroes contest, now in its ninth edition. The competition, born from the ambition to make the creative community think about the issues of environmental sustainability in its broadest sense, over the years has touched issues that have led the association to operate well beyond national borders, realizing the ambition to create a network at a global level. Every year, in fact, PLUG invites the most prestigious names on the international graphic design scene to take an active part in the contest, acting as a jury.

Among other relevant projects, PLUG boasts the foundation of Print Club Torino, the printing and graphic experimentation laboratory born in 2015 and the Graphic Days Torino project, born in 2016, which today – after 4 editions – culminates in an international festival held annually in Turin and hosting the most relevant professionals of the global scenario in the field of visual communication.

“Our intent” – comments the President of the association, Christian Racca“is to use design as a tool at the service of social issues. We are strongly convinced that today, in a world created by interconnected systems, it is essential for any profession to question the responsibilities of its contribution. The creative person, in particular, is the one who, more than any other, has the possibility to decide how to direct his talents and energies. Our association has chosen to use its skills to communicate an ethical message, committing itself in practice, day by day, to promote reflection on issues of a social nature and stimulating a change in people’s behavior in favor of a more cohesive and aware society”.