Time2 Foundation is a recently established family philanthropic foundation whose aim is to contribute to the development of sustainable and inclusive ecosystems in marginal areas, with particular attention to respond to emerging social needs with innovative projects, to the difficulties of disadvantaged people (disability, social marginalization, vulnerable conditions) and to interventions towards the marginal and mountain areas of Piedmont.

The Foundation was set up in Turin on the initiative of Antonella and Manuela Lavazza. Its objective are: to contribute to generating social impact by supporting initiatives for innovation, sustainable development and inclusion, and to promote a systemic relationship between the mountains and the city, the innovation of welfare services and the reduction of inequalities, the development of people’s entrepreneurial skills and abilities, the strengthening of the civil, administrative and entrepreneurial fabric, and the experimentation of transformative and integrated projects in the area.

Time2 Foundation structures its own funding activities through calls for proposals and specific contributions aimed at stimulating projects capable of facing the environmental, economic and social challenges emerging in the territory in an innovative and sustainable way.  At the same time, Fondazione Time2 acts directly through operational programmes aimed in particular at social inclusion of cognitive-relational disability in the mountains and programmes to accompany and accelerate social enterprise. Moreover, it aims to promote a culture of inclusion, innovation and social impact through advocacy and fundraising actions.