To encourage the strengthening of the ecosystem and the collective dimension, a path has been started to enable the involvement and the protagonism of the partners.

On November 25, 2020, during the Assembly of Torino Social Impact, it was started four working groups: Innovation Mapping, Impact Finance, Tech4Good, Internationalization. The aim of these groups is to give space to the emerging planning in these areas, to integrate and update the masterplan of Torino Social Impact and to define planning.

What is the social challenge on the territory in which impact finance can make a difference? This was the starting question for a working group coordinated by Cottino Foundation, Maurizio Maggiora Academy Foundation and EXAR Social Value Solutions.

22 subjects from twenty organizations have shared project proposals and reflections on many topics: digital transformation, green economy and sustainability, social housing and access to housing, young generations and discomfort, school, education, training, territorial attractions, cultural places.

The work of the group is proceeding with the analysis of existing tools and benchmarking of national and international experiences. Next meetings scheduled in March and April.

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