The Academy is a non-profit organization born in Turin in 2013 to teach young people how to manage change in society and in organizations.

It offers the under 35s a growth experience through concrete contributions in projects carried out with social planning methods – from project management, to design thinking and service design – and the development of tools to support innovation in society.

It is a Competence Center where knowledge and experience are conjugated in order to build a specific mentality, vision and awareness in those who design “with a social impact”.

It is a HUB where young people and organizations experiment and share models and practices to manage change through “doing” and become “active porters”.

It promotes dialogue and comparison between design and social innovation, we encourage co-planning among our stakeholders, and we facilitate “the contamination between diversity and differences” by creating partnerships between companies, Universities, Social Networks, Centers research and innovation, third sector organizations and other public and private institutions, national and international.